Disney's Paperman
February 22, 2013

Disney’s Paperman

The Academy Awards are just around the corner and soon the red carpet will be filled with the shortest people with the biggest heads you’ve ever seen in your life. The nominated hopefuls will be sitting at full attention through the snorefest to see if the academy has bestowed their blessings onto them. Well, let’s move past the glitz and glamor and take a look at the art behind the awards. The films are reason why we all decide to sit through the ceremony, but not the huge budget ones that are marketed to us day and day out.

We watch the Oscars to get a look at the hidden gems that we may have missed in the past year and quickly drive in the middle of the night to the nearest place to rent it before the stores drive the prices up.

Okay buddy, here’s a great little gem I am going to let you in on. I am going to swing all the way to the short film category because they’re the only categories that matter; well, they matter to me, at least. The reason I have such a biased opinion is that short films are often independently created and produced with more heart than any major motion picture that helps pays the big studio’s monthly quotas. I like the fact that someone out there was willing to risk it all on an unpopular time-length of a genre just for the sake of the world’s entertainment. But I can go all day on that.  We’re getting off topic here.

Nevertheless, one film nominated for the best animated short Oscar comes from a major studio with an independent feel, Walt Disney Animation Studios. That’s right, I said it. The studio is either returning to their roots or taking a page out of Pixar’s book or maybe a combination of both. However this piece came to be, it is a treat for the audience and the film industry as a whole. The film is called Paperman and was released alongside Wreck-it Ralph as an appetizer.

According to Cartoonbrew, Disney has released the short film to the public via YouTube in an assumed effort to woo more academy voters. My guess is that they are pretty happy with this release because since then, the short has gone totally viral and has garnered over 13 million views after only two weeks of being released on the popular video sharing website. Unfortunately, the major studio side of the company was conjured up and subsequently the film was pulled and now viewers have to pay around two bucks (USD) to watch this extraordinary piece of animation.

Directed by John Kahrs, the film is about love at first sight (I know that this probably doesn’t exist but hey, it’s a Disney film you party pooper) and a young man’s attempt at capturing the eyes and heart of a sweet, young girl through many hilarious trials.

It’s a shame that the film is no longer free and if you haven’t seen it alongside Wreck-it Ralph or one of the 13 million viewers to see it on YouTube, then I am afraid you are out of luck. They drove the price up even before the Oscar has hit the office, but you can still be a witness to the trailer… or you can buy Wreck-it Ralph and swing over to the extras.

Your choice buddy, but here’s the trailer.

Image Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

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