December 15, 2012

Does Apple Really Need An HDTV?

They’ve already got the smart phone and tablet market wrapped up for consumers, is home entertainment the next step?

We all know that Apple’s out for glory and will not stop until every home in America has at least two or three Apple devices.

Whether it is a smart phone or an IMac, the goal is clear and concise: They aspire to put as much of their technology in consumers’ hands as humanely possible.

This goal isn’t from any official statement or quote from their board of directors, but you can feel it as their ultimate intention.

How can we feel that intention when we aren’t employees at Apple?

Call it intuition.

When you pay attention to the market of economics and the direction that corporations take in their press conferences, you get a clear idea of what’s going on behind the scenes. When Apple announced its new and improved lineup of the iMac family, it was very clear to tech enthusiasts that any goal or plan of upgrading the internal hardware was out of the question. With respect, that lineup would only be a point of strength for a gamer demographic in the computer world, and far too many computer gamers use the PC format as their tool of destruction.

But we can always hope.

This observation comes at no cost to the consumer of course, but it’s an observation that can be replicated across the tech world. When Nintendo announced its new console innovation in Wii U, we got a clear idea in our minds that the casual gamer and family home demographic was still the leading point of strength that drove Nintendo’s sales.

They didn’t need to innovate for an intensive HD console.

So owing to this observational skill, we conclude that at the moment, Apple is still focused entirely on making their technology lineup across all platforms a social phenomenon in the home and in your social circle. Give it maybe five to ten more years before we begin seeing the hardcore gamer market make its way into their line up. But there is still the question of the home entertainment area.

Would Apple consider creating an HDTV lineup for the casual family or entertainment junkie? They’ve already done a fantastic job at highlighting their hardware as formidable tools and devices for editing and viewing multimedia projects.

They’ve got After Effects and Photoshop offered as ports for the Mac, as well as their own video editing software exclusive to their computer. For God’s sake, these guys have a computer technology so unique in this market that it’s coded differently than the typical PC!!!

Their hardware is also highlighted as one of the most popular amongst your best friends and ex girl friends – so an exclusive demographic of the family home is a sure-fire area of profit.

That’s what it’s all about, right?

The profits?

Among other possibilities, an Apple TV as an entertainment hub would mean that the computer giant would need to consider manufacturing an entire lineup of entertainment technology. Well, they wouldn’t have to, so to speak, but we all know their style.

When you’ve got one form of Apple tech, there’s hundreds more to be had for your collection. Time will tell in the coming years if these guys actually come to their senses.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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