January 22, 2013

Does Crysis Seem Overrated To You?

Heralded as one of the greatest first person shooter series’ of the 21st¬†century, Crysis 3 is just a month away from release on current gen consoles and PC. I think it’s absolutely awesome that Crytek Frankfurt doesn’t acknowledge the wide spread of piracy or sales on PC, so that we may all know what it’s like to shoot a guy in the face with an arrow.

That would be ludicrous, since PC is where the original Crysis thrived in all of its DX11 goodness. When it first hit the shelves, PC gamers were treated to a world that, despite the arsenal of guns, was an interactive shooter that welcomed and even challenged you to play with your surroundings.

Don’t want to run into the next room of twenty soldiers with your assault rifle? You can throw that barrel of gasoline through the window and fire your pistol in comfort and safety from the barrage of bullets that you’ll probably run into later on. The explosion is probably enough to send some shock damage through the room, but you can take it — your suit has regenerative capabilities.

If you don’t want to deal with the complications of your HUD vibrating constantly from bullet fire, you can always turn on your invisibility cloak, augmented into the nano-suit’s hardware, and go Assassin style on unsuspecting goons.

Why settle for the quietness of stealth, when you have nanites ready to augment your suit in a protective armor, capable of withstanding bullet and cannon fire? Fire that bad boy up and go Rambo-style on them!

Crysis allows you to turn the world into your playground, and that playground is ripe with guns and enemies just waiting to get thrashed.

If those things don’t attract you, then the unbelievable visuals will (and are just astonishing). How can you walk through the streets of Seph-infested New York City without noticing the amazing visuals of DX11? The colors and design of aliens make me want to press pause and stare at the detail of their innards for hours.

No, I don’t need therapy.

But let me stop the fan boy fest and get to the part that matters: Is this series overrated?

Forget the environment interaction, the visuals, and you have a game that is with all intents and purposes, a shooter. Its point and click from start to finish and that will never actually let up, no matter how extensive the story is. For me, Crysis has about as much action factor as Battlefield. So why should we bother with this game?

A large portion of my gaming experience is rooted in the genre of shooters, both first person and third person. What that means is that I’ll always have a respect for games like Crysis. However, I’m confused as to why I should keep bothering with the next head shot or grenade throw.

I want more from the game that I’m playing. What constitutes as more isn’t always clear to me, but at least I’m asking myself if I have the desire. What I crave most is depth, and unfortunately most action shooters that I play don’t have that amount of depth. It isn’t as simple as playing another shooter to get my trigger fix. I want to dive deeper into the parts of the game that we’re not shown by the developers. I want to actually climb the snowy mountainside of Sera with Marcus Fenix and travel deeper into the giant rift worms beneath the planet’s surface. I want to dodge the endless amounts of bullets from Covenant forces in Halo 4, and discover the origins of humanity that is forged in the walls of alien caves.

I want to stop and admire another world.

Will Crysis 3 allow me to do that? I imagine that, within reason, I’ll be able to look at a battlefield after I’ve finished my last kill and look at the sky. This isn’t enough. I feel like I’m a part of a population of gamers that desire endless amounts of exploration. I do believe these desires are only achievable in free roam experiences. At this age in the gaming industry I don’t believe that such feats of design and space for game discs is possible.

That will be yet another wish that I hope for in the coming years of game design.

In the mean time I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image Credit: Crytek

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