Does It Ever End With Disney? Hmmmm... Not Really
August 19, 2013

Does It Ever End With Disney? Hmmmm… Not Really

From releasing new short films for today’s growing Internet audience, to owning nearly every entertainment mainstay of the 20th century, the House of Mickey only has to sit back and collect checks at their current position. But the D23 Fan Expo has recently shown that Disney Animation Studios is not afraid to get their hands dirty and do a little work of their own again.

Disney finally revealed their feature film for 2016. The flick is now titled Zootopia and will be headed by the company’s 2010 movie Tangled’s director Bryon Howard and written by Jared Bush, one of the writers of the television series All of Us.

The film is centered on a clever thief fox named Nick Wilde who goes on the run because he is framed for crime he didn’t commit. Things get a bit dicey when Zootopia’s most notable cop, rabbit Lt. Judy Hopps (yes, pun intended) goes on hot pursuit of the fox, but then finds out that the two of them are victims of a conspiracy, which means that the two bitter rivals must team up and actually have to work together to get to the bottom of all of these shenanigans. Will they catch who has put dirt on both their names? When they do, will they give them mobster- like executions? I highly doubt it, but the premise seems interesting enough.

But what about the location of Zootopia itself? Things there are also a bit interesting seeing as that it is an anthromorphic village-town where all of the real life animals of today walk, talk and commute to work (which isn’t surprising considering, well, it’s Disney). Disney is still staying a bit mum on the details of Zootopia, but what they have announced a region of town which is called the Sahara Square which happens to be a wealthy desert region that takes its design cues from Dubai and Monte Carlo. Another place Disney has revealed is TundraTown which is obviously a place where penguins, polar bears and other artic animals thrive.

Seeing as the film is quite a while away from the red carpet premiere, there wasn’t much to show as far as the actual movie itself, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t get a glimpse at Nick Wilde via a piece of storyboard art (shown below). Disney also hasn’t defined what medium they are going with in the new flick, but since the company did away with their traditional animation division it’s definitely going to be a 3D movie. And by looking at the concept, they might go with the whole Paper Man style that bridges those gaps.

Does It Ever End With Disney? Hmmmm... Not Really

Image Credit: Disney Animation Studios

With this year ushering out the much anticipated film Frozen, and the coming years are graced with the arrival Pixar’s upcoming projects like Finding Dory, The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out, I think the audience is in good hands for the next few years to come.

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