February 8, 2013

Does Kanye West Deserve Respect?

What exactly is “It”? It’s creativity, or maybe the ability to rationalize. It’s the link between our skills as artists and the ability to convey the mechanics of aesthetics. On second thought, he hasn’t lost his creativity as an artist. But as a rational thinking human being, he’s gone.

Kanye’s story as a musician picked up momentum the same way that every other underdog with immense talent of his time; through networking and a whole lot of practice. To even describe it has practice doesn’t do the description justice. Speaking out of respect for terminology, he shined as a prodigy on the stage in the earlier parts of the 21st century with beat making.

Officially, he was Jay-Z’s music maker, and likely developed a lot of his inspiration and talent for producing from one of Hip-Hop’s most profound emcees. Does this mean that Kanye was meant to follow the role of the underdog until he was given a shot?

Of course not! His road to fame was highlighted in the Graduation album, a collection of songs that, as a whole, paid tribute to his rise to stardom. Much like the merits of a college dropout, Kanye West preferred to alliterate his story to the roots of blissful ignorance and ambitious jealousy.

But regardless of the arrogance that we all know him for, West has shown a remarkable passion and skill for music. His sampling methods and tastes in songs like ‘Spaceships’ and ‘Stronger’ are nothing short of harmonic amazement. If he’d died six years ago, he would have been renowned as one of the greatest music producers of all time. This isn’t to say that he doesn’t already hold that title in certain parts of the Internet, but the award is given by the people. One does not simply make himself a King. He must be given the title by his peers.

That title cannot be given to a man who devours his own social reputation, as West has. From predicaments with fashion designers and conflicts with models, all the way to embarrassing Taylor Swift on stage at the Grammy Awards, Kanye has given new definition to the phrase “I don’t give a #@$*.”

The big question on my mind is whether or not West deserves such disrespect from music fans. It’s not as if he deliberately looks for the disapproval from critics. At least, I should hope that that isn’t his intention.

West has exerted an artistic ability that has, at his age; given him justification to do whatever it is that he so pleases. In a very strange way I believe that this is the real fabric of our favorite individuals. For example, I absolutely revere Samuel Jackson.

It has nothing to do with him being even a half decent actor.

What I respect so much about Jackson is that he’s old. Not only this, but he recognizes that he’s old. His success as an actor highlights the aspects of an artist that we so much enjoy: Arrogance.

Just as Samuel Jackson arrogantly boasts that The Avengers is the greatest film ever made, Kanye West will boast that he could walk out on stage in a Speedo and still move a crowd.

Is he wrong?

I most certainly think so, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not applicable to be proven wrong. His most recent endeavors involve a strange romance between him and Kim Kardashian. We all know Kim Kardashian and her exploits in reality television, as well as her not so classy sexual exploits behind the scenes. How does one man share intimacy with a woman who has, in the past few years, tarnished her own chance of respect in the eyes of iconic figures such as Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres?

Because Kanye West is that kind of guy.

West and Kardashian have a child due in the near future.

Let’s not crap on the guys’ happiness, shall we? I’d love to hear your thoughts on Kanye’s merits as an artist in the comment section below.

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