DoesThe Need For Speed Movie Stand A Chance?
June 17, 2013

Does The Need For Speed Movie Stand A Chance?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) finally graced the masses last week with its presence and, yes, a huge slew of goodies and secrets were revealed at nearly every moment at the drop of a hat. But one piece of news to come from the big fiasco that wasn’t particularly gaming related was the announcement of a Need for Speed big screen movie adaptation of the popular racing franchise.

Sure, a movie about this monumental street racing series is a very plausible thought, but can it trade paint with the biggest of summer blockbusters?

More specifically, can the movie test its metal against another big racing fueled movie franchise like Fast and Furious? I mean, movie goers have already carved a spot in their heart for Vin Diesel and crew. This is evident by the fact that the Fast series has just recently released its sixth installment to the tune of coming in number one at the box office two weeks in a row and sitting on top of a running total of over 200 million US dollars of total gross in all markets (and that, my friends, would pay for a good ass summer).

So, with this situation in mind, can the Need for Speed movie string together a cast that will win the crowd over?

Well, I guess that’s a question that only time will answer; but, another question that the internet has been begging the producers to answer is how will the movie recognize the gaming brand? What I mean by that is how will hardcore fans even know if this is a movie made from the popular video game?

Here’s an example:

Going back to the previous Fast series of movies, fans know that they have returning faces that they know and love making a return with each installment of the series. In addition, fans also know that they have specific cars that each character has become synonymous with, like Dom Torreto‘s (Vin Diesel’s character) 1970’s charger.

It may be a bit of a stretch, but it is something that fans can dig into and become familiar with, a trait that unfortunately the gaming series just doesn’t carry.

For those of you who are not familiar with the popular racing series, I will explain. The problem with the Need for Speed games is that it is always something new with every oncoming installment. So, even though the games may be fun and center around cars, there are no recurring characters or storylines that fans can follow. And with that on the table, the public does lose its brand connection of seeing a reimagining of a character on the screen.

But will that be enough to hurt the films chances? Maybe not, because once the constant loop of commercials start playing on the TV, and right before you press the skip button on those Youtube videos, most people probably wouldn’t be concerned about brand loyalty and focus more attention to the over the top action, fast cars and fast women.  From the looks of things, the movie might just be able to stand toe to toe with the best of summer films, but will it just be some summer flop?

Another point to bring up is that video game movies haven’t done so well (except for Mortal Kombat, those movies where awesome and you know it). The scoreboard doesn’t seem to favor that of video game adaptions (we’re looking at you Super Mario Bros. movie).

I still have high hopes for this flick in the coming summer, but the project sure does have a hell of a lot of hurtles to jump.

Please, just don’t be a shit movie, save that for the direct to video sequels.

Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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