December 30, 2012

Dog Light Box, Doggy Cam, Doggy Doorbell And Other Neat Gadgets For Rover

I love my gadgets and toys; I’m a man-child in that regard. I love my laptop, Mac, iPad, iPod, and the list goes on. Dogs are more than pets, they are members of the family, and they deserve gadgets too. Below are a few gadgets that I thought were clever or at the very least intriguing to learn about.

Pawsitive Lighting

I really like this idea because it helps your dog maintain a sleep cycle and helps fight depressing slumps your K9 may go through. It turns out that studies show, that much like us, dogs can go through seasonal affective disorder.

Seasonal affective disorder is defined as: Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression most often associated with the lack of daylight in extreme northern and southern latitudes from the late fall to the early spring.

Essentially the Pawsitive Lighting is a light box that mimics the suns power through UV filtered white light. This gives your dog the same amount of sunlight they would be used to on a sunny day, thus keeping up the production of serotonin and melatonin on a normal level which can prevent mood swings from your furry friend.


Spying is in, we spy on our kids with cameras, on our nannies, the government spies on us with cameras (just kidding, maybe, who knows); so now we can spy on our pets with cameras. Or maybe you’re just curious what it’s like to see things from their perspective. Whether you like spying, or watching a point-of-view movie from Rover’s perspective; this gadget is for you.

It’s a light weight camera that fits on the collar of your pet, and records up to 2.5 hours of footage. Maybe someone out there can shoot the Blair Witch Project Doggy Edition with this first dog point of view camera.

Pet Chime Doorbell

This is for you dog owners out there whose dogs can be trained well; Jack Russell owners should be all over this. It’s a pedal that your dog can step on to signal if they want to come in, or go out. Just imagine it, next time your dog wants to use the bathroom he can just step on the pedal and nice chime will be sounded. Or if he’s ready to come in to cuddle next to the fire with you, he will sound the bell. Or maybe your pet will just annoy the hell out of you by constantly stepping on it regardless if they need to enter or exit the house.

Contech Chatter Bowl Talking Pet Feeder

Want to keep your pet company and sooth them with your voice when you’re gone? Or maybe it will just freak them out a little hearing your voice but not seeing you. Either way this talking pet bowl will provide comfort or confusion to Rover. You can record your voice for up to ten seconds, and your message will be played via a motion sensor every time your pet goes for a drink of water or to eat. Now if they can just invent this dish for adults then maybe it will help save marriages. I can just picture the husband now; “Yes dear I know I have been working late hours in the office, but you can eat dinner out of the bowl I left you with my pre-recorded message, it will feel like I’m there!”

Image Credit: Oleg Erin / Shutterstock

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