February 22, 2013

Dog Yellow Vomit

So, it’s Saturday morning, the day you get to sleep in every week, and all of the sudden you hear that horrible retching sound from your beloved canine. You rise up from bed to see your pup in the corner, hunched over and clearly heaving. Any second now you know that she’s going to puke. Now’s the decision point: do you rush to get a towel under her, let her be, or go over and sooth her in her moment of need? Before you make a decision, it happens.

So you get up and go to the corner only to see that your pup has not just thrown up her food. There, in the corner, you see that she has thrown up the infamous dog yellow vomit. Something that looks as if it’s from another planet lays in your floor. So you freak. What should you do? What’s wrong with your dog?

First of all, take a deep breath. Vomiting is very common in the most healthy dogs, especially this dog yellow vomit. This vomit tends to be mostly clear and frothy with a neon yellow tinge to it. If this is what you see, know that your pup has just vomited bile.

PetMD explains that bile is necessary for the digestion of food and removal of wastes in your pet. The liver creates bile while the gallbladder stores it until food has been ingested. At this point, the gallbladder releases the bile into the intestines to work on the food for the digestion process. Sometimes, though, the bile enters the stomach from the intestines thus causing irritation which leads to the aforementioned dog yellow vomit.

The vomit is gross, yes, but it is less concerning than other types of vomiting. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t take action right away. When your pup disgorges this dog yellow vomit of bile, it is incredibly important to get food on her stomach as soon as possible. VetInfo.com, a website with basic veterinary information for dogs and cats, states that bile can irritate the empty stomach lining causing discomfort also called gastritis.

No one likes to have an upset stomach, and neither do our pets. If you notice that your dog regularly experiences the vile dog yellow vomit particularly in the morning or evening right before meals, contact your vet. If your dog only purges the dog yellow vomit every once in a while, it’s probably just a bile irritation and not worth the cost and stress of a vet visit. Even so, if you are concerned, call your vet. They know what’s best because they know your pet’s medical history.

The good news, though, is that this dog yellow vomit is not something to get too excited about. It’s normal and easily dealt with.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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