November 15, 2012

Donating For Hurricane Sandy Relief

Flooded subway canals. Millions left without power. With these mind blowing effects, the media, police, and firefighters have called Hurricane Sandy the “frankenstorm” and rightly so. Even though recovery has been trucking along for a few weeks, there are still individuals along the east coast who need help following the aftermath of the storm. Here are a few resources to help support the health and wellness of victims of this tragic environmental crisis.


With the slogan “A passion to help. The ability to deliver,” AmeriCares has worked in the past to respond to emergency situations. The organization has a Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund that will assist the various needs of survivors of the disaster, including funding medicine, medical supplies, and other forms of humanitarian aid. The organization states that money donated to the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund will only be used for Hurricane Sandy relief work.

Food Bank New York City

Food Bank New York City provides services and programs for 1.5 million New Yorkers. Considered the main hunger-relief organization in New York City, Food Bank New York City focuses on ending hunger in the five boroughs with food distribution, nutrition education, and income support. The organization has noted that hunger is still a continuous problem in the city, especially following Hurricane Sandy.

New York Restoration Project

The many public places and parks are the heart of the bustling metropolis of New York City. With this in mind, the New York Restoration Project is aiming to restore the parks and gardens in the city’s parks and gardens that were hurt badly by Hurricane Sandy. Individuals can donate to support the clean-up efforts.

Save the Children

Save the Children is an organization focused on changing the lives of children throughout the world. For disaster hit areas, Save the Children focuses on providing education, food, and medical care while helping build long-term recovery programs. Money donated to the organization for Hurricane Sandy will assist children who live in hard hit areas of New Jersey and New York.

Soul Kitchen

Affiliated with the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, Soul Kitchen works to provide healthy, delicious, and organic meals to members of the community. The organization plans to work with community partners to help rebuild in New Jersey. Donations will go to helping with emergency relief.

The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City

The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City is a non-profit focused on private-public partnerships in New York City. The areas they target include arts, the environment, financial empowerment, health, volunteerism, and youth development. Funds donated to the organization will assist in immediate needs, including food, water, and hygiene supplies, along with long-term relief and restoration work.

Friends of Firefighters

Friends of Firefighters is focused on the mental health, physical, and wellness issues of New York City’s firefighters and their family members. Continuous goals of the organization include long-term support and services like counseling and wellness activities. Small to large donations are accepted and will go to projects like conducting counseling for firefighters and family members, providing stair chair lifts for wounded and handicapped firefighters, and completing massage therapy for firefighters and their family members.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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