Don’t Ever Charge Your Smartphone With A USB Cord Again
March 6, 2013

Don’t Ever Charge Your Smartphone With A USB Cord Again

We live in the smartphone era, there’s definitely no one arguing about that; but what is questionable is if we are even smart enough to use these smart machines. I mean look at us, some of us out there don’t know how to use any apps outside of the Temple Run and angry birds. Even those who know the ins and outs of their super powered device only use this knowledge to watch stupid cat and Harlem Shake Videos.

While some people are unlocking fast speeds to get to time wasters all the more quicker, half don’t even know how to connect their smartphones to a Wi-Fi connection (sad I know). The worst, and probably the most embarrassing offense, is the way we all power our cherished and loved devices. Yep, don’t try to deny it; you are guilty too.

You, as well as the majority of smartphone owners across the globe, probably charge your phone with a tangly USB cord that seems to always cue the Toy Story mode and runs away when you are not looking and is totally missing in action when you need it the most. Come on buddy, it’s the twenty first century; this is not the time to move backwards.

So, since we aren’t moving backwards, then let’s move forward on the way we charge our devices. Introducing a nifty little charger called the ChargeCard. This new invention steals a bit (or a lot) of its aesthetics from your average everyday credit card taking the overall shape and size of the bill producer with a USB port on the side. By the way, the charger is only slightly thicker than a credit card so it can fit snuggly in your wallet (next to the condoms, wink, wink).

So, what’s the science behind it all? How does it work?

The simple truth is that the card can trickle power from any available USB port (Computer, Xbox or your toaster, since everything has a port nowadays). From here you can attach the card to the port in your phone and charge, simple as that.

Oh yeah, and another side note about the ChargeCard is that this will be released in two variations; iPhone and Android (of course to keep the peace during this violent turf war).

So how did a product like this come to be out of the blue? Well, the genesis of this project starts with Kickstarter (then again, what doesn’t in this day and age).

After a very interesting Kickstarter campaign accompanied by a pretty well polished video, the team behind the ChargeCard managed to blow their pledged goal out of the water. The team more than tripled their original pledge of 50,000 dollars USD and have made over 150,000 USD.

Not bad for a phone charger, not bad at all.

The chargers release sometime mid-May but you can pre-order yours today from the official website for around 25 bucks a pop (USD).

It’s a day and age to be smooth with everything in your life, even the way you charge your phone. So go ahead and get your James Bond on.

Image Credit: Noah Ditzel & Adam Miller

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