Don't Pirate This Game Or It Will Cost Ya
May 3, 2013

Don’t Pirate This Game… Or Will Cost Ya

In today’s world, anyone can download anything from just about anywhere. Now, naturally we think this little advancement can better the good of all mankind, but somewhere along the line we all started to use this gift for Internet piracy.

Everyone is guilty of this, so don’t give your computer screen a monologue on how you’ve never done it. But when most people ponder about the subject of Internet piracy; images of music and movies storm their mind’s eye, and rightfully so.

But one form of piracy that has absolutely blown up in recent years is that of video games. A lot of game developers often choose to make games for the home consoles to combat the risk of being pirated. As there may be still some piracy swarming around on the home consoles, there is just no comparison to the game smuggling underworld on the PC that resembles more of the Prohibition era than anything else.

I salute you developers out there who still do what you love even in the face of clear danger.

Also, I would love to salute developer Greenheart Games for realizing that if you can’t beat em’, join em’… and then make them pay.

According to an article by IGN, the developer released a game called “Game Dev Tycoon.” If you are familiar with tycoon games, then you would know that they are in fact simulations like running a real life park, zoo or, in this case, a game company.

Knowing that their project was going to be doomed from the start due to piracy, the good folks at Greenheart decided to come up with a solution… a dastardly impressive solution.

The company decided to give cracked versions of their own game to Torrent sites across the net. According to the developer, the cracked version of the game was exactly identical to the real version, but there was one grimly distinct game changer that was hiding in the depths of the cracked version.

In the cracked version, a player could easily progress through the first few eras of gaming with their studio in full force, but when the game progresses to current times, players would have a grim sales report.

Every time the player would release a game, pirate players would get this sales report from their studio:

“Boss, it seems that while many players play our new game, they steal it by downloading a cracked version rather than buying it legally. If players don’t buy the games they like, we will sooner or later go bankrupt”.

After this stage in the game, the cracked version players will no longer be able to make a profitable game. They could make a game that gets great reviews but still will actually take an in-game financial loss. They will no longer be able to make a profit no matter how much (in-game) money or (in-game) time was put into it.

Queue the irony.

Players who didn’t pay for the game have sent message after message to the developer, which in turn the company laughed hysterically and then posted the ironic complaints on their website. They all went a little something like this:

Screenshot by A.J. Loving

Let this be a teachable moment.

Stealing gets you nowhere; not even in the virtual world.

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