Drama: Our New Hobby
July 5, 2013

Drama: Our New Hobby

Everyone has heard the phrase “I hate drama,” but for some reason the same people that say it usually are the ones that tend to have it the most in their lives. Why? Everyone knows drama can be extremely stressful, so why do we continue to complicate our lives by creating it?

I like to believe that people actual enjoy it and that our developed brain is partly responsible for that. If we think about it in the most simplistic way possible, the only things that a human needs to survive are water, food, shelter and oxygen. Our advanced minds, however, like to toy around with emotions, as well. People don’t feel complete if some sort of emotion is missing from their lives. As a whole, we go around looking for the many different things to make us individually happy.  There would be nothing wrong with that except for the fact that we usually look for the quick solution instead of a long term one because we are impatient creatures.

Ironically, the most common emotion people tend to fall back on is either anger or sadness. Instead of always being happy, and then only when something horrible happens feeling other emotions, people tend to work the opposite way. They are usually by default unhappy with their lives and so they have to do things to distract themselves so they do feel happy for a moment. I think that so many people like to be a part of or start a conflict because then they will actually feel something. To me, it is as if they are looking for something to talk about or focus on other than their routine filled lives. To me, conflict is and has always been for the most part absolutely pointless; especially if in the end nothing changes (which happens the grand majority of times in life).

I personally believe that people take things way to personally. We tend to feel that everything that happens is intentionally meant to affect us somehow, as if the only thing that the whole world was doing was figuring how to mess with our lives.

Let us take road rage as an example. You will hear people yelling stuff like, “why are you in my way?” or “why are y’all here?” We tend to believe that we are the only ones with things that need to be done and we forget that we are also part of the problem since we, too, decided to venture out at the same time everyone else did.

As a whole species, we really need to start working on just letting things go. We seem to store so much stress from our daily wear and tear that we never take a second to slow down and just appreciate what we have. The other day I was listening to a couple speaking (well, more yelling), about a little situation that had happened between them. As I was listening to them bicker back and forth, I realized the whole situation could have been avoided quite simply. But, as their anger and arrogance grew, the chances of them just letting it go diminished completely. Many arguments often follow this same chain of events; many people get into massive arguments without realizing they could easily be avoided. So, I ask you to take a minute after you read this and just relax for a bit. Think through every action before you take it. Don’t let your pride and other emotions ruin your day. Just take it easy.

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