January 6, 2013

Drink, Drive, Brag About It On Facebook, Go to Jail

The younger generation is often said to have a better handle of modern technology than the generation which went before them. While this no doubt benefits these youngsters in many ways, they will always have a tendency to be undone by the very thing which gives them a leg up— their youth.

Take for instance, the 19-year old who not-too-long ago went on a spree, stealing marijuana and a car before robbing a bank.

Rather than find satisfaction in the knowledge that she was able to make away with these items or even experience the thrill of being chased by authorities, this young girl went home and bragged about it…to the Internet.

Young people may understand how the Internet works, but they’ve yet to understand consequences.

In the latest example of either being too young or too stupid to understand consequences, one Oregon teenager has been arrested after admitting on Facebook that he had hit a car while driving drunk.

On New Year’s Eve, this 18-year old from Astoria had likely been imbibing to ring in 2013. He then drunkenly decided to get in his car and drive. At some point in the evening, he struck 2 cars and kept on driving, stopping only long enough to send out the following message to Facebook:

“Drivin drunk…classsic;) but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P”

To be fair, this message was private and likely not broadcast to the entirety of the Internet. However, according to the Astoria Police, one of this teen’s friends saw the post and forwarded it over to the authorities.

“Astoria Police have an active social media presence,” read an Astoria Police press release.

“When you post … on Facebook, you have to figure that it is not going to stay private long.”

Officer Nicole Riley had responded to a hit-and-run crash at 1 AM on Wednesday where a white Scion had been sideswiped. A car parked in front of the Scion had also been struck in the hit-and-run.

After the teen’s friends sent in his “admission” of drinking and driving, the police stopped by his house and looked for damage to the teen’s car.

The damage matched that found on the Scion and just like that, the teen was placed in handcuffs. As of Wednesday, the 18-year old was lodged at the Clatsop County Jail and has been charged with 2 counts of failing to perform the duties of a driver. As it turns out, though he admitted to driving drunk on Facebook, this doesn’t serve as proof that he was actually driving under the influence.

May this story drive a single point home to any teenager: If it is on the Internet, in any capacity, it can (and most likely will) be seen.

Even those scandalous videos taken and sent via Snapchat, an alleged secure platform, have been captured and seen.

Should any teens be reading this, take note: Not everything needs to be shared digitally. If you decide to do something scandalous like steal a car and some weed or just want to brag about how you made it home alive, remember that your friends may not think your actions are truly “classic” and decide to call the authorities.

Image Credit: calvste / Shutterstock

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