January 30, 2013

Dude Gives His Girl An R2 Bot

Valentine’s Day sucks. It’s the single day of the year people choose to actually show love and compassion to their soul mate/TV. It’s not that I’m alone, quite the contrary, because I have a girlfriend, but I’m up in the air about what to get her.

It’s a relationship not defined by dates or specific blocks on your calendar, and this is my reason for not being able to tell her Happy Anniversary. All around, I see dozens of people, grown adults actually, losing their small minds over trivial items and gifts that don’t seem considerate enough.

I’d love to think there’s room for improvement, but these are the same people who wait every 364 days just to buy a teddy bear for their partner. I don’t pick specific days out of the year to do special things. Instead, I choose to make every time I see an occasion as a reason to enjoy being together.

It really isn’t all that great.

No, really, I love hanging out with her. I also greatly enjoy the fact she’s the only girl I’ve been with who I can manage to be myself around. We have an effortless attraction to each other that, in all honesty, is the only reason we’ve stayed together for as long as we have. That’s just it though; I don’t define my attraction to her through materialistic means.

Perhaps the items are timeless relics of a healthy relationship, and we show our love of these relics by having Valentine’s Day as the annual reminder of how we feel. I’m sure the origins of Valentine’s Day were anything but a single day we chose to show our affections. More than likely, the annual celebration is just a habit we as humans have.

Does that mean you can’t build something for that special someone? Lingxiang Xiang, a computer science PhD student begs to differ. This guy has done the single coolest thing any person can do for another person, even out of context, as a present. He built his girlfriend a life size replica of R2-D2.

You don’t have to be a fan of Star Wars to know this takes a whole lot of awesome coursing through your veins to pull off. It’s unknown how long Xiang spent creating the robot, but sources say he executed its delivery with the stealth of a Jedi.

It doesn’t have a hologram projector, but its track motions and sound effects are spot on. Ironically, R2 wasn’t his first idea for a robot. Originally, he’d planned to create a Wall-E replica.

Because what woman doesn’t find Wall-E to be the cutest thing in the world. Unfortunately, there were no Wall-E toys in his area at the time, and instead, he settled on Anakin Skywalker’s favorite robot.

Does it have to be a materialistic item that you need to give? Can you not simply tell her how you feel, rather than finding third party items that speak for you? Perhaps you feel nauseated and you cannot think of the words to describe how you feel. Better yet, you might not feel anything and are in a desperate relationship to escape your loneliness.  Are the words you speak not enough to woo a woman’s soul into your hands, that you might connect your soul with hers?

Of course not! And until you attain the skills to win a woman’s heart without the use of chocolate or shoes, you’re doomed.

Welcome to the wonderful world of emotionally failed humans, folks.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on our boy Xiang’s magnificent R2 bot!

In the meantime, I have to figure out what I’m gonna get my lady for Valentine’s Day.

Image Credit: Shelly Wall /

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