Dwarfs And Elves And Aluxob, Oh My
May 10, 2013

Dwarfs And Elves And Aluxob, Oh My

Many myths and legends have dwarfs, fairies, sprites, leprechauns, and elves as part of their history. However, these tiny beings are not to be confused with small humans, because small humans are real people. The tiny creatures I am talking about are myths and legends from every corner of the world. Countless movies, books and TV shows have been modeled after them.

In Mayan mythology, there is a small being called an alux (plural: aluxob). These beings are said to be knee-high, are dressed in the same fashion, and resemble the Mayan people. Normally staying invisible, showing themselves only to communicate in some manner with humans or to gather in a group. They live amongst the forests, caves, and fields, but will occupy other places if they are given an offering. These aluxob can be classified along with other mystical being such as the Celtic leprechaun, because the aluxob are also known for playing tricks and are very mischievous.

According to some stories, the aluxob will appear if a farmer builds a tiny home for them in a maize field located on his property. For seven years, the alux will assist in keeping the cornfield free from predators and crop thieves by whistling to ward them off. The alux will also summon rain to aid in growing the crop and guard the field at night.

However, after the seven years has passed, the farmer must close all doors and windows, thus trapping the alux inside. If the alux is not kept inside the tiny home, it will run wild and start its mischievous ways by playing tricks and pranks on the people.

There are shrines built around the countryside that many believe are the houses of the alux. But, this is only in legend and the actual origin of these shrines is unknown.

Some stories state the alux will sometimes ask farmers or visitors to the area for an offering. If the person refuses, the alux will spread fear, havoc, and illness. If the offering is given, then the alux will protect that person from thieves and bring them good luck.

It is also said that you should never name them aloud or the alux will be angry, leave its home and commence in its mischievous ways.

A word sometimes associated with the alux is “duende”, which is Spanish for a supernatural being. Spanish pirates during the sixteenth century interacted with the Mayan people. It is alleged by some that the aluxob legend derived from this association with pirates. Fairies were a common belief by many of the pirates. But others claim the alux are the spirits. either of their ancestors or a spirit of the land.

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Image Credit: Slava Gerj / Shutterstock

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