EA: The Wii U Is CRAP
May 25, 2013

EA: The Wii U Is CRAP

Well, that was a lot more blunt than the gaming industry’s blatant disrespect of Nintendo. I will give props to EA for voicing their opinion on such a controversial topic with no barrier of censorship. As a Senior Engineer bluntly puts it, the Wii U is crap.

Nintendo’s latest next gen console has received more negative criticism than Aliens: Colonial Marines, an Aliens inspired video game modeled after the movie series of the same name. However, unlike Aliens, Nintendo’s Wii U receives its negative feedback because of its lack of power compared to the PS4 and next Xbox. While we haven’t really seen a hard image or replica of either system, we’re left to believe that the next generation of consoles has decided to change up their innards and go for a last gen PC based modified architecture.

Nintendo’s Wii U, however, continues with cross gen compatibility as well as a new ergonomic aspect for fans of Nintnedo products to enjoy with its double screen tablet. The Wii U has met a seriously disturbing console birth, with only a few million consoles sold, and almost no sign of interest from the population.

Their lack of want of the Wii U comes from a small install base as well as revived console exclusives almost ten years old now. More importantly, Nintendo hardly pushes out new console exclusives anymore. Considering that their install base of previous console launches, I’d like to believe that these guys have a few tricks up their sleeves with better games and software for Wii U later this year. But the next gen PlayStation and Xbox already seem to be taking a chunk of the thunder from Nintendo.

To top it off, Senior Engineer Bob Summerwill tweeted various messages explaining his discontent with the Wii U, calling it down right trash and unworthy of sales. This opinion is about as blunt as its going to get for anyone still holding out for an awesome experience from their Wii U. But is the Wii U really that bad?

I’m not so sure, because I don’t have one. But from what I’ve heard, Nintendo hasn’t really kept up with its’ fans at all. To begin, games are the most important aspect of a GAMING console. Without games, players have little incentive for dishing out over $250 for another console with virtually no games to play. Fans across the world are feeling the sting, and the industry’s disregard for the console as a legitimate candidate for next generation games truly shows how far back Nintendo has been set.

Is Bob Summerwill correct? Is the Wii U truly a console that falls flat on its face, or is its real potential evident with more patience until later this year?

You decide.

Image Credit: Nintendo

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