EA: The Worst Company In America
April 11, 2013

EA: The Worst Company In America

You really thought this was news? This has been nothing new for years, and it is because of their actions in the face of all this controversy that furthers it.  How far you’ve fallen is drastic. Hell, you were a big part of my childhood and made some of my favorite games, but now I can honestly say I haven’t been excited for any of your new IPs, nor have I made a conscious effort to defend your company in any way shape or form. Shortly put, you deserve what is happening and this is why.

There is no denying that you have the biggest marketing arm in the industry. And while it’s fine that you use so much corporate funds to market games that will barely push the two million mark, you’re just pissing off more people. Take a look at the release of Dante’s Inferno and the “Sin To Win” contest, where you promised a “sinful night with two hot girls, limo service and a chest full of booty” for anyone who could show they got chummy with a booth girl. Congratulations EA, in less than a day you single handed sent the industry years back and added to the stereotype that all gamers are prepubescent boys who view women as objects.  Just to add icing to the cake, you managed to piss of the International Nanny Association after releasing a fake achievement “Bad Nanny” for killing a yet to be determined number of unbaptized babies in Dante’s Inferno. Seriously… Do you realize how hard it is to piss off people who are paid to watch other peoples screaming sacs of meat on a regular basis? Because that’s REALLY F*CKING HARD. And despite all this, that’s barely the worst thing you’ve done; that would be Origin.

At first it seemed like a Steam ripoff, offering all the games steam had without any of the support, community, or friends on it. Sure, throw around the factoid that it has forty five million users, but I’m sure a good 75% were only there to test the waters and half way through got a chat message to play Team Fortress II or something. Honestly, you could have done a lot with this; you even had the chance to jump the gun and become what Steam Greenlight is today. Instead you decide to act like a child and only offer Mass Effect III on Origin, effectively giving the finger to Valve and cutting all ties with them for the foreseeable future. But hey, you managed to brush all this off until you needed to release DLC for Sims 3 on Steam, and they rightfully jacked up their fees through the roof.

Speaking of DLC, you guys have outdone literally every company in corporate greed by a long shot. Aside from the whole storm surrounding the Mass Effect III Day One DLC which had significant story elements in it, you’ve made yourself known for putting out crappy poorly made DLC that are both highly expensive and not very entertaining.

Really none of this is news, but it fascinates me how you responded to receiving this award earlier this morning. Instead of saying what you’re going to do to fix this, or even make an attempt to subterfuge the claims, you passed the blame onto everyone under you, including Greg Zeschuk. Complete creative control can’t exist whenever you’re saying make this in under 6 months and have a sequel done in 8.

So, congratulations EA! I hope you take this great honor with pride and just stop. Stop buying out companies and then firing the employees, stop making DLC a guarantee and stop your marketing. Grazie.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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