November 12, 2012

Earth Science Current Events

So many people love earth science worldwide. Some pursue that love as part of their career while others pursue it as hobby or interest. But when one wants to know the best places to find earth science current events, a few websites will help out with this.

  1.—one of redOrbit’s main goals to is communicate breaking news in science, and earth science current events regularly top that list. Beyond providing just a list of events, redOrbit provides readers with specific activities and information. For instance,  redOrbit reported about Earth Science Week 2012 and blogged about it as well (click here and here for blogs). If looking for earth science current events, start with
  2.—Earth Science Week is a website dedicated entirely to the earth science current events specifically pertaining to Earth Science Week each year. This is a great place to check out when looking for information during Earth Science Week as well as throughout the year. It is at its peak during Earth Science Week.
  3.—this website provides a news page specifically for earth science current events. The website itself is dedicated to geology and geology news, so obviously earth science current events would be one of their top priorities. provides articles, charts, video images, and other means to keep its views updated on earth science news.
  4. and—these two websites focus on science in general, but would be a good place to find earth science current events with just a little sleuthing.
  5. News sites—general news sites like Discovery and CNN also provide pages that focus on earth science current events.

Obviously, a quick Google search will bring up any number of websites with earth science current events, but those listed above, especially the top three—redOrbit, Earth Science Week, and—will provide the most in depth and specific information about earth science current events.

For any professional, novice, or just interested party, using the top three websites will provide a strong overview of what’s going on in the earth science venue. With just a little bit of time and effort, one can find a litany of events to attend, activities to participate in, or information to learn concerning earth science. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of connecting to the earth and better understanding it? And why sift through websites that may not have the best information? Start with redOrbit, Earth Science Week, and They’ll provide the best start to a search into earth science current events.

Image Credit: Sunny studio-Igor Yaruta / Shutterstock

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