December 3, 2012

Edit Google Spreadsheets With iOS, Android Apps

Google Drive continues to become a full-fledged productivity suite across mobile platforms. The newest update to the Android and iOS apps brings editing capabilities to Google spreadsheets (which have been renamed to Google Sheets).

Just like on the desktop, users can simultaneously edit spreadsheet information from an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. A colored line indicates who the other editor is and what information they are adding to the spreadsheet.

Google Drive contains Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides (previously referred to as presentations). With integrated applications for working with files, Google is building a full-fledged office suite where one could one day perform all or most of their work.

When looking at the similar functionality across iOS and Android I wondered if Google was cannibalizing itself in some ways. Why not use its competitive advantage to make Google Drive vastly superior on Android?

While it is better on Google’s mobile OS, the company has a different strategy than Apple. While the latter wants to sell as many devices as possible, Google is looking for users and data. While Google would obviously prefer everyone be on Android, it would be unwise to completely ignore half of the smartphone users. Instead the smarter, more subversive strategy is to gain a wider user base on Apple’s mobile platform.

The full changelog from Google Play lists the following update details:

  • Edit Google spreadsheets in new native editor
  • Edit contents of tables in Google Docs editor
  • Formatting is maintained when copy/pasting within Google Docs
  • Single tap to enter edit mode in Google Docs editor
  • Add a shortcut to Drive files/folders to your homescreen for quick access
  • Send Link now supports copying link to clipboard
Image Credit: Google Drive Blog



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