December 26, 2012

End Aids? There’s An App For That

Now you can help cure AIDS while standing in line for your new iPhone.

Available in the iTunes app store now is a free to play game that both tries to raise awareness and funds to stop AIDS (mother to child transmission to be more specific). The game is called THRED, which was developed by Bitmonster and funded by a partnership of Coca-Cola and Charity Red, a non-profit organization started By super star Bono and Bobby Shriver.

From the looks of it, THRED is your ordinary free runner game with an extraordinary twist. The player continuously moves along creatively designed, sleek futuristic levels, all the while gaining points, power ups and dodging enemies. The aesthetic of the game looks pretty interesting in and of itself. The player is a little chrome ball/android thing that flies around doing these various moves. The developers really take advantage of this art style by the way, adding extra lighting with a bit of cel shading to give it a futuristic psychedelic look. This extra design step is eveident even in the protagonist where, let’s just be honest this is the shiniest ball you will see all day unless you clean your marbles with baby oil.

No seriously, try it. Buy a sack of marbles from your local shopping center and wash em in baby oil, they’ll have a full shine by the next time you have guests plus your spouse would love to see you decorate that batcave you call a house.

Moving on, there’s one step we missed. How does this benefit or profit anywhere for AIDS relief?  Simple.

All pre-tax profits made in game will go directly to Charity RED for their efforts to end mother to child AIDS transmission by 2015. This means that there will be some sort of downloadable content provided to of course fund the foundation like more levels, more characters, more enemies or even more music.

Ah yes the music, since we are already on this topic why don’t we talk about the app’s soundtrack shall we? Great.

The music is provided by Tokimonsta and DJ Poet. Both provide the techno bliss that has enveloped much of the newer crowd and provide an excellent techno backdrop to this futuristic free runner. Also, special events music will be by the hands of Tiesto, who also provides a techno feel but with a club life twist (you can see why his music would be used for special events such as celebration in beating a level or having made record time).

To be honest, I have a soft spot for this app. I like the approach the developer went for by not showing you a commercial of the unfortunate and begging for a dollar. I like how they chose to give the consumer back something in return that is easy to access and spread the word. To me this is what you would call thinking outside of the box.

So the next time you are waiting in line bored, go to the app store and give this app a click… or tap or whatever the cool kids call it these days.

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