End Of The World Or Just Coincidence?
September 7, 2013

End Of The World Or Just Coincidence?

It is not often we are talking about multiple natural disasters taking place at the same time, but this past month that has been the trend on one island country. The troubles all started back when a massive earthquake created a deadly tsunami that rattled the island country of Japan and created one of the worst nuclear accidents in our history. This was the first of many more natural disasters to come to the region.

Now, fast forward to the year 2013 and take a look at this same little island. During the month of August more natural disasters started with the eruption of a volcano over the island of Kyushu Japan.  Then about three weeks later, the next natural disaster struck the island country; this was in the form of a Tropical Storm, which unleashed copious amounts of rainfall over the region. Then about a week later yet another Tropical Storm started to form and move towards Japan. This Tropical storm has now made landfall in southern Kyushu and is moving along the east coast of Japan, again causing record amounts of rainfall along with flooding and mudslides. However, as this tropical storm was still turning towards Japan, yet another disaster found its way into Japan, this time in the form of a rare tornado, which struck just to the north in the suburbs of Tokyo, near Saitama and Chiba Japan. This brought more damage and destruction to the area that has been plagued with nuclear fallout over the past few years. If this was not enough to make your head believe the end of the world was arriving, then let’s throw this into the equation. As the tropical storm was making landfall during the day of September 3, 2013, yet another disaster decided it wanted to join. This time another large massive earthquake struck the south of Tokyo near the islands of Oshima and Hachi-jojima. So, could this be a sign of things to come, natural disasters on the increase in short period of times?

Granted, Japan is located on the “Ring of Fire,” but honestly, to see this many natural disasters in such a short time has to make a person wonder, are we seeing the end of life on planet earth?

So all in all, Japan over the past month and a half has seen every natural disaster you can think of, from an earthquake to two tropical storms, mudslides to volcanic eruptions, and tornadoes. I have yet to see this all take place in one country in a short period of time like this. This will definitely describe chaotic natural disasters of the future. The next time you think of natural disasters, this epidemic would fit nicely into Natural Science course as a good lesson to learn from.

So, no matter if this was just a coincidence or not, it sure looks like a storybook tale to see over three natural disasters within one month of each other. This looks like stuff you would see in the movies, for sure.

Image Credit: IROOM STOCK / Shutterstock

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