Epic Fail: Apple Map App Slammed!
September 20, 2012

Epic Fail: Apple Map App Slammed!

Released yesterday as part of Apple’s iOS 6 update, the Map App is already being heavily criticized around the globe for a whole host of errors, including some major geographical blunders.

Users have found misidentified cities, incorrect icons, unlabeled locations, and even duplicating an island group in the Pacific. One screw-up was picked up by Irish Minister for Justice Alan Shatter. He is urging Apple to remove the airline icon for Airfield House because the location is actually a farm and not an airport.

I guess the issue here would be that if a plane needs to make an emergency landing and thinks they are heading into an airfield, it would be a sad mistake when the pilot actually lands on a bunch of farm animals.

A BBC News report states that several locations have been moved or are missing totally from the map. The town of Uckfield is in the wrong location, and Solihull is nowhere to be found, it reports.

Other users are also unhappy with the level of detail, saying it is of poor quality. Perhaps the oddest detail is the islands of Diaoyu in the Far East Pacific, which appear on the map twice, side-by-side.

While the app was created by Apple, it doesn’t generate actual data for it. That responsibility lies on Tom Tom’s shoudlers. But the GPS group wasn’t bothered by the criticism, and told BBC it stands behind the quality of its product.

But the quality is surely lacking, and should be an embarrassment for Apple, especially since the company touted the app heavily, saying it would be a worthy competitor of Google Maps.

Have you found any glitches or mistakes in the new Map app? If so, go ahead and share them in the comments.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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