Extreme Weather Weekly Roundup For June 15-21, 2013
June 23, 2013

Extreme Weather Weekly Roundup For June 15-21, 2013

This week on Extreme Weather Weekly Roundup, we will be looking at the major weather events that impacted us on a global scale. This week we look at events that have taken place up to June 21.

North America: The big stories from the past week over North America include the formation of Tropical Storm Barry, which made landfall in Mexico late this week, with flooding rains, storm surge and also strong winds. A large tornado was recorded by many moving through the Denver International Airport this week, as well. All our friends up in Alaska got a taste of summer this week as well with record heat set in many places with upper 80’s and 90’s reported in the area. The flooding also was reported through parts of western Canada this week after some strong storms moved through the region. Flooding also had large impacts over the Dakota’s, with rainfall rates of plus seven inches for some places over the past two days, with more falling this Friday and into Saturday. Severe weather has gone through this same region with places reporting tornadoes and a lot of tree damage from the Dakota’s to the Western Great Lakes.

Asia: The big stories out of here this past week include the monsoonal rains that have been bringing the seasonal flooding rains to India and other parts of Southeast Asia. Tropical depression made landfall over Japan this week as well. The heat wave setup over eastern China, with many places soaring into the 90’s for day time highs this week.

Europe: The biggest story out of Europe for this week was that severe weather that pushed through the region, with a very large Meso-scale Convective Complex pushing through a good portion of Europe bringing severe weather with it. The warm weather continued over most of southeast Europe and built into parts of Western Europe; however, England remained cool.

South America: The biggest story out of South America this past week was the arrival of snow in parts of Southern Argentina, along with the cooler weather in place over the region. The northern part of South America remained warm, such as Brazil.

Africa: The big news out of Africa this past week has to deal with the arrival of a very strong storm system that pushed through just south of Cape Town. This storm was responsible for very heavy rains in the region along with strong winds; some wind gusts were over 50mph in the region as this storm pushed through.

Australia: News out of Australia this past week included another round of strong storms that pushed across with a frontal boundary that moved through the region. The other news was that the warm weather remained in place for a good part of the country.

Antarctica: The big ice landmass started to feel more like winter this week as temps fell to well below zero for many of the reporting stations. There is also another large storm system moving towards the region that will drop the temps again an bring some snowfall to the region.

Image Credit: nexus 7 / Shutterstock

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