Extreme Weather Weekly Roundup For June 8-14, 2013
June 15, 2013

Extreme Weather Weekly Roundup For June 8-14, 2013

This week on Extreme Weather Weekly Roundup, we will be looking at the major weather events that impacted us on a global scale.

United States: The first major event from this past week was the severe weather. We had tornadoes in Baltimore, Maryland and other places along the east coast. The second big event of the week was the heat wave that hit the southwestern United States all the way through the Gulf Coast, to include the southern Plains. Places in these regions saw temps rise to over 100F along with some very serious heat index values surpassing the 110F mark; this lead to some fatalities across the region from the heat.  A third major weather extreme of the week was more created by the weather and that was the wildfires out of Colorado. Due to the extreme dry weather and hot conditions, the region saw a wildfire explode into a significant event through the week.

Asia: The region saw a tropical storm form this week, and brush just south of Japan, before dissipating. This storm was the third of the season for the western Pacific. Second story out of the region came from Southeast Asia around India and that was the development of the strong southwest monsoon starting to pick up in the region and bring with it large amounts of rainfall to places in India, which just last week were hit with temps well over 100F.

Europe: The major stories out of this region for the past week also included heat that spread from southeast Europe into the Middle East with many places dealing with temps over 90F and some places in the middle east actually soared into the 110F range. A couple of the storm systems that pushed through the west helped keep places in England cooler than normal, with temps slightly below the average for this time of year.

South America:    The region didn’t see much in the way of significant weather this week outside of the few passing cold fronts, which did keep parts of Argentina cool with daytime highs only in the 40’s this past week. While the northern part of the region didn’t see much in the way of rainfall this week either, keeping it fairly dry.

Africa: The area did see a few flare ups in the tropical region along the northern part of the country; however, those quickly dissipated after pushing out over the Atlantic, leading to no other issues. The warm weather hung in over central Africa with plenty of places in the 90-100F range and warmer. South Africa did get some rainfall this past weekend as a storm system pushed through the area.

Australia: The biggest story out of this region this past week was the Fire Tornadoes. These dramatic events unfolded over parts of Australia; they were associated with the fires that have been going on. What happens is the wind gets really strong and creates little whirl winds that are made out of fire and then they can extend upwards away from the ground looking like a tornado on fire.

Image Credit: Piotr Krzeslak / Shutterstock

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