January 25, 2013

Facebook’s Phone Calling Feature

Ever been on Facebook and wonder why you can’t connect even more to your internet friends that feel the need to post all of their escapades in life for you to see anyway? Ever wanted to say a little more to someone than just pressing the like button? Sure you can probably post something sweet on their wall, but that doesn’t really do it for you, does it? Ever wanted to just get closer?

Yeah, me neither, but now you can do it!

For no extra charge, Facebook is introducing a new phone call feature that can be broadcasted over Wi-Fi or Cell data. For now the new feature looks to be an iOS exclusive but I’m positive this little advancement will find its way to the Android side of life sooner rather than later. That would be a great idea considering the broad if not massive audience of the popular social network.

Details are a bit scarce at this time but I assume it is pretty straightforward. The whole enchilada is supposedly set up through the Facebook messenger app where users now have the option to “free call” at the click of a button. It’s simple as that. One side note though; one doesn’t actually have to know the person’s number to call them. All you have to do is be friends with the individual (and if you are a Facebook member then you already know how easy friends are to come by).

Yep, all you stalkers out there must have been naughty enough to make it on Santa’s good list. It’s mid-January and you guys (and gals) already have a great present to celebrate about. Imagine calling that girl that was really into you when the both of you met but then she found out you “weren’t her type”. She probably thought you were crazy and changed her phone number on you but still stayed Facebook friends with you just to be nice. Imagine the look on her face you call her and breathe heavily into the phone.

Ahhhh… good times.

Honestly and in all seriousness, I don’t know why people would fill need to use this but if you do then here it is. Also I don’t understand why Facebook would invest the time to do this when we are in the day and age of unlimited minutes. These plans have become the majority in my eyes but maybe I’m not considering the vastness of Facebook’s audience or maybe I’m overlooking the vastness of the world in general.

I’m just saying if you are out there and own an iPhone then maybe you have service on it anyway and if you have friends close enough to call their cell phones then you probably already have their numbers nestled gently into your phonebook anyway.

Finally, I will admit that at times the world may be more creative than I am (every once in a blue moon) so maybe you guys can find fun things to do with this or maybe if you are in a place where there are no cell towers but there may be a Wi-Fi internet connection. Who knows, but this is yet again here’s another nifty little service that the internet can take advantage of and use at their leisure.

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