January 29, 2013

FaceTime In Your Face: AT&T Finally Get’s With The Program

The wait is over for AT&T customers. Time to revel in the technology.

The time has come for American Telephone & Telegraph, more affectionately known as AT&T, to get with the times and provide their customers with the services they’ve already paid for.

AT&T is now allowing FaceTime over cellular for all tiered data customers.

Surely you remember being a kid when they said by the year 2000, we’d all be zooming around in flying cars. Well, I’m not sure who they are, but they were wrong. That doesn’t mean that all the things of movies haven’t come to fruition.

For anyone who doesn’t already know, FaceTime is an Apple application originally introduced on their Mac computers that provided users with the ability to have video calls.

It was later introduced to their mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, but was only allowed if the user was on a WIFI network or those with LTE or Mobile Share plans.

Well, for anyone who isn’t with the times and doesn’t have a WIFI network in their home, they were basically given a carrot on a string when it came to the capabilities of their new devices. Get WIFI, LTE, or Mobile Share, or spend your time FaceTime-ing at Starbucks. Either way, you’re spending extra money and paying for something twice.

Now, here are all these users who’ve got this sweet new phone, with this revolutionary technology, and they can’t even make full use of it. Lame.

It seems AT&T heard the cries of the masses and they responded. (A little late, but hey, be happy for what you’ve got, right?)

As previously reported on Slashgear.com, “After several months from Apple announcing FaceTime over cellular, AT&T is finally rolling the feature out to all of its tiered data customers. AT&T cites that its testing phase for FaceTime over cellular is complete, and will be enabled for all of its customers, including those on tiered data plans at no additional cost.”

AT&T has become a mobile giant in addition to their Internet and cable services, so it makes little sense that they took so long to get with the program. I’m actually a customer and I think they’re the best provider I’ve ever done business with.

I’ve seen a few sites bashing AT&T in my research, but in my experience anyone bashing a service publically probably did something wrong to begin with. (Like not paying their bill, for example.) While that’s probably not the case for everyone, there were many customers in good standing who were otherwise pleased with the services provided; they were just being robbed of full access to the technology of face to face calling.

I remember when I first got my iPhone and I could FaceTime. It was the coolest thing since sliced bread and my wife and I used it daily. That lasted for about a week and since then it’s just become another technological novelty.

I may be the exception, but I thing all the fussing may have been much about nothing. Then again, most of my family and friends are close enough to go visit, or far away for a good reason. For folks who are separated from their families, it surely provides an extra level of connection that was only a thing of movies 20 years ago.

Now it’s a reality, and everyone (who’s on AT&T and is a tiered data customer) can see the people they’re talking to on their phones.

“AT&T says that it has already begun updating their “systems and processes,” and expects to start rolling the update out to eligible customers “beginning in the next couple of weeks.” Previously, back in November, the carrier announced that iPhone 5 users with tiered data plans would be allowed to use FaceTime over its LTE network.”

So, thanks AT&T. Keep up the good work.

Image Credit: Apple

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