September 20, 2012

Fantasy Football Just Got A Little Easier

Love playing Fantasy Football? Then why don’t you already have this App?

There’s nothing like spending your Sunday afternoons nestled into your favorite spot on the couch, the one with your butt grooves permanently impressed in it, dressed from head to toe in fan gear, watching your favorite team dominate the grid iron.

A cold beer in your favorite Koozie, emblazoned with your team, a platter of chicken wings, or maybe some brats on the grill, the surround sound turned up so loud the dogs are barking at the grunts of the D line after a well earned sack; there’s just nothing like football season! After church, that is.

If you like to take your football to the next level, you’re probably already a part of a few fantasy leagues. You’ve probably got one with co-workers, one with the neighbors, or one with your family possibly, but all of them with your pride on the line, no doubt.

Maybe there’s even a friendly wager on the line.

You spend commercial breaks, halftime, and postgame scanning the net to make sure you’re on top of all your rosters. Of course, there are dozens of sites dedicated to making scorekeeping less of a chore, but there’s a better way.

Fantasy Football is a way of life for some men, some women too, it should get the respect it deserves. A lot is on the line after-all. You can’t go into work and be chastised by that condescending co-workers victory dance, or get a call from your wife’s cousin just to say, “nanny-nanny-boo-boo.” You don’t really want to have to cut your neighbors lawn wearing his team’s jersey just because he won last week. Do you?

Why not get the competitive edge and be doing the celebrating yourself?

Fantasy Football Buzzer gives you just that.

You can connect your team via Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, and NFL fantasy provider teams with just one click. The app is equipped with convenient automatic notifications on injuries and on empty roster spots. It even comes with recommendations on who to pickup and who to trade.

With news catered directly to you and your specific players, its unbeatable. And it’s Free!

Go ahead, download it now; you can finish reading the blog once you’re done.

It’s a pretty sweet app; tell your friends. Better yet, don’t tell your friends.

Instead of having to check the computer, sports center, or anywhere else, all you need to know can be in one place-your hand!

And, since it’s convenient user interface fits neatly in the palm of your hand, it frees up the other one so you can use it to guard the remote from your impatient wife, or to inhale another chicken wing. Extra blue cheese please.

So, (kindly) ask your wife to plug the laptop back up, grab another wing, text your buddies and remind them how much better your draft picks were than theirs, and do it all with one hand while melting into your couch with satisfaction.

Don’t forget to refill the gas can on your way home from church either, you’re neighbor will need it once you own him next Sunday.

Image Credit: squarelogo / Shutterstock

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