Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Impressions
April 19, 2013

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Impressions

IGN got a chance to view the first 15 minutes of the upcoming expansion to Ubisoft’s critically acclaimed Far Cry 3. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a standalone expansion of the series and does not require the base game to function; simply buy, and have a whole heap of fun!

Far Cry 3 has set the tone for its series as one of the most gruesome first person shooters on current gen consoles. While Games like Battlefield and Gears of War can depict ultra-high levels of blood and intestinal gore, Far Cry 3 puts you in the shoes of a real hunter. As a predator, your sole purpose is to wreak havoc and survive on an island of psychopathic drug lords and cocaine-addicted cheetah’s that won’t die from being shot in the face by an AK-47.

Far Cry 3 brings out the bloodiest of our personalities when it comes to the hunt. Sadly, the narrative of the game leaves no room for the player to truly enjoy a lighter side of the game. Is there a lighter side to be had? Probably so, but such an experience can’t possibly be found in the vanilla game, which is why Ubisoft developed Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Blood Dragon has absolutely no ties to Far Cry 3 anyway, and its main focus is to show the depictions of cheesy 80’s movies and terrible action one-liners. It’s best to think of like a video game time machine disguised in contemporary DirectX awesomeness.

You take control of the game’s main character, who goes by the name Rex Powercolt (yes, really), a cybernetic hybrid of robot and human. Rex is augmented with a left robotic arm and mechanical eye that helps him see the ultra-retro hues of metallic purple and blue at night when he’s scouting for enemies. This game is literally trying to be terrible.

The beginning sequences are artistic slideshows-no video, no intense pixelated explosions or deep story narrative. Cliché one liners and stereotypical black guys moved across every corner of the screen in a really annoying intro that resembles old games from the arcade theater era.

The first mission of the demo saw Rex manning a mini-gun turret while being carried over a complex filled with intense contrasts in color between sky blue and navy blue, purple and pink, and finally green and black. For those who grew up in the eighties, these were the flagging colors edged in every 30+ year old gamer’s brain.

The animations of the character haven’t changed too much, not the least more with his robotic hand; instead of injecting your left arm with a syringe when you need to heal, Rex injects a glass tube of green ooze into his metal hand. Obviously logic doesn’t apply to an 80’s parody, so I’ll spare some of the criticisms of the annoying parts. But while I’m here, I will say that the tutorial screens are deceptively repetitive and annoying; and on purpose if you actually read to the end of the last screen.

Apart from mindless action, Blood Dragon seems to have accomplished what Saints Row developer Volition has achieved; idiotic fun with no restrictions on imagination and craziness.

Blood Dragon will be released on May 1st for Xbox 360, PS3, and of course PC for (presumably) $15.

Image Credit: Ubisoft

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