Fascist Food Group Calls Out Long John Silver For Worst Meal In America
July 3, 2013

Fascist Food Group Calls Out Long John Silver For Worst Meal In America

Does anyone really expect “fast food,” even when it is fish, to really be a healthy option? This week the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) announced that Long John Silver’s “Big Catch” is the worst restaurant meal in America.

The group noted that in its lab tests the meal, when comprised of fried fish, hushpuppies and onion rings has “an astonishing 33 grams of trans fat—the most powerful promoter of heart disease in the food supply.”  The group noted that the meal has another 19 grams of saturated fat, and nearly 3,700 milligrams of sodium. However, the CSPI also noted that the meal “only” has 1,320 calories.

Now, in fairness, this doesn’t exactly sound like a healthy meal by any stretch of the imagination, but is it really fair to call this the “Worst Restaurant Meal in America,” especially when there are plenty of options to get massive burgers, including a 15-pound one at the Beer Barrel Pub?

However, what is the bigger concern is that CSPI’s reports have gotten picked up by the mainstream media and others have weighed in, calling out the food chain.

“It’s outrageous that Long John Silver’s foods are still loaded with artificial trans fat and that the FDA still permits it in foods,” Walter Willett, chair of the nutrition department at the Harvard School of Public Health, said in a statement as reported by Reuters.

Is it really “outrageous” as Mr. Willett maintains? We’ve seen other efforts to ban large sodas, such as those in New York City. At what point does what the consumer want stop mattering? Food fascists regularly rally against these meals that are probably in all likelihood not really all that good for you, but does choice not matter?

The greater issue is that sometimes CSPI is wrong. While the CSPI today demonizes trans fats, they probably wouldn’t want you to know they’re partially responsible for so many trans fats in our diets.

This goes back to the 1980s when the target of this group (which was founded in 1971 by Michael Jacobson) was actually against partially hydrogenated oils. In fact, in 1988 the group noted:

“Despite the rumors, there is little good evidence that trans fats cause any more harm than other fats… all told, the charges against trans fat just don’t stand up.”

Readers should also know that Jacobson has called for labels warning parents that soft drinks should be replaced by low-fat milk or juices, and has called on broadcasters to give free “equal time” to government-supported ads for healthy foods. The group has also called for a tax on foods with fat, sugar and sodium.

Now, in fairness, at least Jacobson is reportedly the type of food fascist that lives as he preaches. The activist watchdog site ActivistCash noted, “CSPI’s in-house food policies are so strict that Jacobson once reportedly intended to get rid of the office coffee machine—until one-third of his 60 employees threatened to quit.”

So, if this is the kind of nanny state mentality you like, then don’t go to Long John Silver’s. But if freedom to choose what you like to eat is important, might I suggest trying their Catch of the Day? Not every day, that would be crazy!

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