December 10, 2012

Fear: An Adrenaline Rush

What is fear? Anxiety, apprehension, or even worry, can trigger the fear within us. A slight worrisome thought, if not controlled, can manifest into catastrophic fear. “What will I do, where will I go, what about this, what about that, and the most common expression of fear is, what if.”

On a cold winter’s morning, you think, what if my car won’t start, as you unlock the door. I will be late for work, crosses your mind. When the key goes into the ignition, omg, I will get fired. You hesitate to turn the key, and because of a petty thought, you really could end up being late.

You’re walking down a long dusty road, darkness begins to swallow the light. As you’re walking quietly, hoping the things you can’t see, don’t see you either. Noises seem to grow louder then before. Childhood memories of monsters jumping out of the closet, cloud your mind. You begin to walk faster. Adrenaline starts coursing through your veins. You hear a branch snap, you take off running. Actually, nothing was there. But, it began with a thought, then the fear takes over.

Fear within a dream, nightmare rather, causes sudden, involuntary movements. You quickly awake, heart-pounding, beads of sweat dripping from your body. Then you realize that it was not real, but because of the fear, you are afraid of falling back to sleep.

People will say, oh, things like that could never happen to me. Well, maybe not the exact situations I mentioned. But, look back into your life, at all the times you have had even the slightest amount of fear. Think of what actually caused it. More times then not, it started with just an inkling of worry, or a what if.

It is human nature to experience the feeling of fear. Some people love the thrill they get from the adrenaline rush. Others are so fearful of every little thing that it affects their every day life. They end up not trying new things, participating in events, and so on. By being a fearful person, you will miss out on many of the wonderful things in life. In the words of FDR “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” That is true in most all situations when the feeling of fear is present.

Controlling fear is essential. We all have some worry and anxiety at times. The trick is not to let it control your situation. But, in some instances, fear is a well-warranted feeling. Again, controlling it is essential.

Paranormal experiences are a prime example of fear at its best, or worst, if you prefer. You hear footsteps, but no one is around. Voices, screams, and laughter surround you. Doors opening and closing on their own. Objects moving across the room. Feeling a cold breath on the back of your neck. Your clothes being tugged, or your arm being touched. I don’t think anyone could have a paranormal experience and not have fear inside. Believe me, I have had many. And it is the ultimate Adrenaline rush.

Image Credit: Andrii Kondiuk / Shutterstock

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