February 5, 2013

February 5: National Weatherperson’s Day

Today is known as National Weatherperson’s Day, a day to show appreciation for the weather forecasters, observers and all the independent weather supporters such as Storm Chasers and Researchers.

The history behind this day comes from 1744 when John Jeffries took the first recorded weather observation from Boston MA.  He became known as one of the first weather observers. Forty years later he launched the first weather balloon into the atmosphere to start the upper air weather observing program. John Jeffries would be considered one of the pioneers of the weather program.

One thing that has taken place since that first weather observation includes the improvement of weather equipment to take those weather observations. Weather Computers and Models have also made weather forecasting much more sophisticated now then it was back in his time.

The weather community continues to grow from that first weather observation. We now have a government weather agency in the National Weather Service, which provides the public the vital information in regard to weather warnings. Some time after the establishment of the National Weather Service, we saw the introduction of Private Weather Companies that now specialize in providing in depth weather support for everyone.

To this day, the growth of the weather world still continues to grow; from higher technology, to more and more hobbyists getting involved in the weather; from Storm Chasing, to Facebook Weather Pages appearing all over the Internet. Moving forward the advancement of weather will continue to grow in both research and better warning systems for major weather events.

One excellent example of how this technology is growing is the fact that we are recording weather information from another planet, as we now have a weather station on Mars. This is just one example of how weather will continue to become more advanced with the times.

If you look at how weather impacts our lives daily, you can then learn to appreciate what the weather agencies and communities do to keep everyone safe during significant weather events. Sometimes people take the weather for granted and don’t even think about all the work that goes into making the weather forecast to present to the public.

Just think about the dynamic weather that we are seeing these days along with the extreme weather events associated with the ever-changing  climate of our globe.  The public is kept abreast of all this thanks to some very dedicated scientists and weathermen and women who work hours upon hours doing their job, as weather does not sleep.

So on this National Weatherperson’s Day, it is important to get out and thank your weatherman or gal for the work they do, keeping you safe and out of harm’s way.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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