January 10, 2013

Fields Of Study In Natural Science

Taking a look into Natural Science and what it has to offer; place by place, throughout this world.

Here are some of the types of fields that are in Natural Science:

Geology: This field is focused on the studying of our earth and the minerals that make up the earth, such as exploring how certain rocks have formed and what type of lava flow is below the earth.  This is just a short summary of what these specialist’s due on their daily job there is plenty more that goes with this job.

Geography: This field is filled with excitement as they specialize in studying the different topographic features on the earth such as mountains and also how different types of terrain can do certain things while other types don’t do that. Another huge part of geography is to provide mapping of the earth’s surface. This is only part of this fun filled career field.

Atmospheric Science: This covers a wide array of specialist from Meteorologist to Climatologist along with Oceanographers and even hydrologist can fit into this realm. Meteorologists are the scientist’s that specialize in understanding the flow of the atmosphere over short periods of time. Climatologists spend more time studying the long term effect of weather for a given place on the earth. Oceanographers spend their time dealing with the ocean and the effects from the topography of the ocean floors to the waves that roll across the top of it. Hydrologist spend time studying the effects of rainfall into river basins and the potential effect they could have on river flow and river runoff during the spring when the snow begins to melt.  This is only part of what these types of scientist due as there is many other jobs that fall under these types of science.

Astronomy: This is another interesting field that falls under natural science and it’s because this field of study spends time evaluating things from outer space that can impact our natural environment here on earth from solar storms, to the evolution of planets and the further understanding of how the sun can impact the earth. This is just a brief description of what these scientist do for their jobs.

There are more types of sciences that fall under Natural Science but for this blog we will be covering events and places to see and things to do in these fields of study that were listed above.  Each blog will take a look at a different field and provide some great information from that field.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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