Fit Bodies Use FitBit Flex
May 11, 2013

Fit Bodies Use FitBit Flex

The Tech Crunch website recently released a review of the Fitbit Flex, a bracelet with a FitBit in it. What exactly is a FitBit, you ask? Well, as the name denotes, a FitBit is a wireless tracker that tracks a user’s activity (steps walked and miles traveled), calories, sleep patterns, and more. According to the FitBit website, in addition to FitBit devices, users should consider smart scales and must have the FitBit apps.

Now, back to the FitBit Flex. As reviewer Matt Burns describes, the FitBit Flex is a bracelet ala a Livestrong bracelet. The FitBit Flex comes in myriad colors including teal, light green, orange, slate, and black. The rubber bracelet houses the actual FitBit device that does the tracking. Then the FitBit syncs with a smartphone that has the FitBit app. As Burns explains, “Fitbit has long used smartphone apps. This allows their devices to be tiny. The Flex uses the same app as the rest of the company’s lineup. It shows historical data for distance walked and sleep patterns along with letting the user easily track water and food consumption. The app completely controls the Fitbit. There is also a web interface with even more info and the Flex ships with a tiny USB syncing dongle for owners without a Bluetooth 4.0 or NFC smartphone.”

For those without a Bluetooth connection, then the FitBit also uses a USB to transfer data and to charge. According to the review, the battery lasts about five to seven days before needing to charge.

The features include a pedometer, sleep tracker, vibrating alarm, and Android and iOS companion apps. Plus, it costs about $99 (USD), so is rather affordable for a tracking gadget.  The reviewer explained that the pros of the FitBit Flex were that it was very comfortable to wear, had great feature set, and was impossible to lose while its cons were that it showed wear and tear.

I was super glad to read about this device. FitBits have been a cool device, but they are easy to lose. Now that we can purchase them in a bracelet, that eliminates the one major complaint.

When we are tracking our health, devices like the FitBit Flex help to simplify the process. If we need to walk five miles a day in order to reach our health goals, a FitBit can help us keep track of our progress. If we are watching our caloric intake, devices like this make it so much easier. They really are great for helping us with our health.

Now, of course, these are not mandatory. We can track our calories just as easily with pen and paper. We can estimate our steps and distance, and most of us have alarms otherwise. But if this technology can help someone who would prefer a less time-consuming process, then why not look into them. For $99 and an app download, the tracking part of our health just might be easier.

I have never used a FitBit, nor any tracking device, before. This is not because I do not believe in them or don’t trust them; it is simply because I have always used pen and paper. I have long been interested in such a tracking device and will definitely look into the FitBit Flex. Before we know it, not only will the tracking devices do what they presently do, but soon they will be watches, phones, and trackers. Go technology!

Image Credit: FitBit

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