Five Websites For Insomniacs
August 18, 2013

Five Websites For Insomniacs

I haven’t been sleeping much lately, and it’s definitely taking its toll. For most people this wouldn’t be too much of an issue as there’s a wide variety of non-prescription sleep aids, but for a small minority (this means me at the moment) sleep aids don’t work due a high resistance to sedatives (doesn’t help that gingers have a naturally higher resistance to sedatives and anesthetics). So yeah, instead of helping you insomniac drones get some much needed sleep, I’m gonna list off a few websites I’ve found in recent times that will make you want to sleep even more.

Anasomnia (Tin Hatters Beware)

As the title says, Tin hatters be advised, as this site actively uses your webcam as part of the experience. It starts off with a girl in her bed, trying to go to sleep, but after you remove enough light (covering your webcam does the trick nicely) it shows her very lucid dream. As a word of caution, control your lighting in your room, mainly turning lights off or disabling the light from your phone. Nothing is more terrifying than getting lost in this dream only to be thrown out of it because it suddenly woke her up screaming.


One of the most relaxing websites made in recent years, Weavesilk acts similar to a Buddha board, letting you draw whatever you want to the sound of beautiful music. For those who prefer to draw by hand or by pen, the Silk app is available for the iPad and iPhone.

Nulling the Void

I’m not exactly sure why, but this website is just incredibly relaxing, If I had to give it an honest guess though, I’d say its something about the color pallet and the mindlessness of clicking and watching explosions. Though I would kill the sound. Seriously just do it.

Man In The Dark

The name of this one does it no justice, as this is nothing but a ragdoll simulator with some interesting and trippy movement patterns. He stretches, he twirls, he morphs colors and bends. For maximum enjoyment, put on some slow paced instrumentals and ragdoll your way into sleepyville. If nothing else you’ll be jealous of a contortonist.


For those of you who haven’t found Rainy mood, firstly shame on you and your friends who knew about it but never told you. Secondly, Rainymood is the Internet equivalent of the sounds of the rain forest tracks, but made better through updated music that fits well with the sounds of rain. Almost daily a new song is picked, but you can always mix and match with your personal favorites.

And there you have it, five websites an insomniac picked for other insomniacs to look at. Will these all work for everyone? Probably not, but then again, if you’ve read it this far your either interested or waiting for a punchline. Punch. Sleep well.

Oh and if all else fails, just go to Facebook and refresh until you hate it.

Image Credit: night_cat / Shutterstock

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