Flashout 3D
March 8, 2013

Flashout 3D

Everything’s gone all mobile now. I’m a college student and I already feel like an old geezer. I remember when the best games were in the living room and not on mobile devices. I remember when people used to line up around the block and huddling around the front door just to be lucky enough to be let inside their friend’s house who owned a console and be the next player.

Ah yes, it was good times.

The home consoles reigned supreme as the mobile devices fell victim to the leftovers of the previous gaming generations like sprite based animation, limited directions and not to mention a crappy, high pitched and totally ridiculous soundtrack.

Obviously, times have changed and you game on your iOS and Android powered devices all the time.  So, let’s bypass all the sentimental mumbo jumbo about the past because I got a new app that will make you scroll past Angry Birds and Temple Run.

Developed by JuJubee, here comes a game called Flashout 3D. It is a high-speed, futuristic racer filled with all of those cars with no wheels that should have already been available in today’s day and age. The game plays exactly how you would imagine, with around seven circuits that grow progressively more and more difficult while you zoom through space-age courses.

The stages themselves look like they are inspired by the Star Wars franchise (then again, what Sci-Fi project isn’t?). Allow me to elaborate on that a bit; the specific element from Star Wars I am referring to is the races from the beginning of Episode I (trust me, no Jar Jar Binks here). Of course, they have to deviate from totally copying them for legal reasons, but the spirit of that scene still lies within the programming of this app.

At the parts where the designers deviate is where visually the team’s creativity comes into place. All of the ships within the game all have their own unique design to them. Of course some vehicles have certain advantages over others, but not to an extent that the races are unbalanced. I like the fact that the player has to tilt the screen to turn; it obviously reminds me of Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii console, but in a good way.

Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer for this application. That is the only downside to this amazing game. I would enjoy the chance to race my way through space cites with my friends and random people across the globe while I’m patiently waiting for my delayed flight to show any signs of life.

All in all if you have a spare two bucks (USD), then you can take this little baby for a spin. It’s time to expand your horizons, play a little something new for a change. Flashout 3D takes elements from great ideas like Star Wars and Mario Kart to flush together a unique experience that is far more immersive than any other mobile game out on the market at this point in time.

Image Credit: Jujubee

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