Flatwoods: Night Of Terror
September 5, 2013

Flatwoods: Night Of Terror

There has been a multitude of strange and unexplained occurrences throughout our history. And from them, myths and legends are born. The eyewitnesses tell their story and the story gets passed down from generation to generation. We interpret these stories and use our own imagination to decide if it is the truth or otherwise.

One such incident took place in Flatwoods, a small town in West Virginia. It was the evening of September 12, 1952. Three young boys observed a glowing object streak across the sky and land on local farmer G. Bailey Fisher’s property.

Brothers Edward and Fred May, along with their friend Tommy Hyer, raced home and told the brothers’ mom, Kathleen May, what they had seen. Kathleen and the three boys decided to investigate the crash site. They were joined by two other young boys, Neil Nunley and Ronnie Shaver, and Eugene Lemon, a 17-year-old National Guardsman with his dog.

As the dog disappeared ahead of them, the group cautiously approached their destination. Suddenly, the dog began to bark fiercely, then raced back to the group with its tail between its legs. The group continued on reaching the top of a knoll, and what they saw was startling.

In the distance, they reportedly saw a pulsating ball of fire and to the left of the object two smaller lights. A mist covered the area and it made their eyes and nose burn. Lemon shined his flashlight toward the smaller lights and a creature was exposed. They described it as being at least ten feet tall with bulging heart-shaped eyes. Its face was glowing red and its man-shaped body was green. It made a loud shrill hiss and began to approach them. In fear, the group fled.

Kathleen contacted the local sheriff Robert Carr and A. Lee Stewart immediately. Stewart, who was the co-owner of the local newspaper, interviewed the group and returned with Lemon to the encounter site. A sickening odor still loomed in the air. The sheriff and his deputy each searched the area, but no evidence was found.

The next morning, Stewart returned to the site and found two tracks and a black liquid. He reported it as possible remnants of a saucer. However, it was later stated the tracks most likely were from Max Lockard’s truck, who had searched the site hours before.

Several members of the group experienced symptoms of irritation of the nose and swelling of the throat. Lemon experienced the worst symptoms, which included vomiting and convulsions that night, and throat irritation for several weeks.

After the encounter was revealed, other witnesses came forward with similar experiences. One was a woman and her 21 year-old daughter. They claimed to have an encounter with the creature and a similar mist prior to September 12. The daughter was hospitalized for three weeks from exposure to the mist.

The doctor who treated several of the witnesses described the symptoms as similar to that when exposed to mustard gas. People who suffer from hysteria may also suffer the same symptoms if a traumatic event occurs.

An explanation of the encounter circulated. The night in question, a meteor passed over Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The pulsating red light could have been from a hazard beacon. The creature could have been a large barn owl whose face glowed from the beacons and will omit a shrill cry when startled. These owls have a heart shaped face and a greenish body.

Could the group have encountered an extraterrestrial being or was it just a case of mistaken identity, exaggerated by fear.

Join me next time for another journey into Supernatural Endeavors.

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