Frank Lloyd Wright, Take That!
July 2, 2013

Frank Lloyd Wright, Take That!

Houses can be utilitarian, or cookie cutter.  They can be tiny little shacks to giant McMansions.  And every once in a while, houses can blow your mind.

Until today, when I thought about houses that blew me away, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water came to mind. Classic lines and textures. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. I did say, “until today” right?

Today, I ran across a house in London, UK, that is knocking my socks off. TVNZ’s One News reports that there is a seemingly normal house on a quiet street in east London that is causing a 3D sensation.

People are walking on walls, perching on window-sills and performing death-defying feats without a hint of fear. What’s the secret?  A giant mirror, of course!

Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich created a replica house laid out on the ground and angled a giant mirror to reflect the fake house upward.  This creates the illusion that the house is standing upright, and that the people crawling around on it are walking up the walls.  The key to the Dalton House illusion, says the creator, is the precise 45 degree angle of the mirror.

“That’s what produces the reflection,” he said. “If the angle is slightly wrong, the building will look slightly … off.”

People are flocking to the art installation in droves, eager to capture their Spider-man-like climbs on video.

Erlich says he is “always interested in finding ways to question our ordinary world.”

“I like the idea of questioning reality,” he said.”I hope that people go back to daily life thinking that things are not always the way they seem.”

Dalton House is not Erlich’s first attempt to make people question reality.  His other works include a stuck elevator, airplane windows in the wall of a building, and the illusion of people swimming underwater in a pool as they walk around his art.

I think if Frank Lloyd Wright were still around, he would love the fun and function of Dalton House.

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