Free People Gets App
July 4, 2013

Free People Gets App

While Apple has stopped running those “There’s an app for that” advertisements, when it comes to the women’s specialty clothing brand, Free People, there is indeed an app for that. The company announced last week that it has launched a dedicated app that will allow iOS users to shop while on the go, as well as browse the brand’s most recent campaigns,.

The Free People app was developed in partnership with WebLinc, an ecommerce platform and strategic services company and comes just four months after the launch of FP Me, which leverages user generated content to increase customer engagement. The FP Me application allowed users to upload images and for greater interaction with customers worldwide.

“Our customers are increasingly mobile-oriented, so we are thrilled to be able to provide them with a great shopping and engagement experience on the go,” said Jed Paulson, director of marketing and ecommerce for Free People, in a statement. “Among so many other capabilities that the app has, one thing we are most excited about is the ability for customers to quickly upload and share photos with their friends and the Free People Community.”

What makes some of this unique is that Free People is actually a specialty clothing brand that features the latest trends mixed with vintage collections. Free People is also distributed globally via direct channels including a global website, and a UK based site. The brand is also in specialty boutiques and top department stores.

“The new app narrows the divide between online and in-store shopping experiences, making it easier, quicker, and more convenient to shop, share, and connect with the brand,” added Darren Hill, Co-Founder and CEO of WebLinc eCommerce. “We’re very excited to be on this journey with Free People.”

Image Credit: Free People

It has been common for many brands to offer ability to shop online, but it still remains to be seen whether these customers will embrace the shop on a phone while shopping in a brick and mortar store. Moreover, at present, this one seems linked to the iOS, so this might beg the question where is the Andriod app?

Given that this clothing line is a mix of old and new – or more accurately latest trends with vintage twists – perhaps going beyond the iPhone would be a good move.

The other part of this equation is how those retailers that carry the Free People apparel might feel about the fact that users could very easily shop online after trying for the right fit and size in the store, only to order it elsewhere at a better price. It was noted that the app will allow for worldwide shipping, which excluded UK orders, suggesting this is meant to support the actual shops.

This type of shopping on a device while shopping in a retail shop isn’t new, and instead continues to evolve. However, WebLinc did some forward thinking. In addition to providing a barcode scanner, which makes the online shopping easier, the app also provides details on the closest Free People boutique with directions. This could certainly appeal to those shoppers who can’t wait for the mailman!

Other features include alerts for exclusive sales, ease of tracking the stock of items and what the maker promises will be “app only surprises.”

Additional enhancements to the Free People app, which is available now via the Apple App Store, are already in the works for the coming year.

Featured Image Credit: Free People

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