Functional Car Made From Lego Bricks
December 22, 2013

Functional Car Made From Lego Bricks

I imagine that just about every child has played with that ever-popular toy called Lego. When I was a child, the Lego was basically a bunch of different colored bricks that snapped together to make whatever came to mind. Now, Lego kits can be purchased to build just about anything from toy spaceships to monsters and more.

Raul Oaida, a Romanian tech whiz, has taken this toy and built a full size, fully functional automobile. He is now 20 years old, and along with his colleague Steve Sammartino, they named it the Super Awesome Micro Project. Except for the wheels, tires, gauges, and some structural reinforcements, the vehicle is almost entirely made from miniature Lego bricks, as reported by redOrbit.

Over a half-million Lego blocks were used, at a cost of $60,000 to complete the project. It was funded with the help of over 40 Australian’s. In February 2012, Sammartino asked for contributions of $500 to $1,000 from 20 contributors via Twitter.

According to Nick Kurcrzewski from the New York Daily News, the car gets its power from four air-powered engines with 256 pistons, which is also made from the Lego blocks. It was initially built in Romania, and then transported to an undisclosed location in Melbourne, Australia.

The project started in April of 2012, but it wasn’t the first unique project Oaida and Sammartino tackled using the snap together bricks. They previously built a Lego space shuttle. Sammartino acquired sponsors and investors to fund the project, but explained it would be high-risk with no financial return.

One individual that assisted was David Jenyns, the Director of Melbourne Video Productions. He said in a statement, that the reason he got involved with the project is that it was “exciting” and “inspiring,” and he donated money as well as “time and resources.”

He added, “Supporting imagination, aspiration, and big dreaming is what this is all about. Sometimes it’s not about the bottom line, sometimes it’s just about being a part of something amazingly bigger than you.”

On the inventors’ website, they posted a statement that read, “we were scared of a Lego explosion, so we drove it slowly.” It can reach a top speed of 18 mph.

This was not the first time someone has built a full size vehicle out of Legos. However, it’s the first to have an engine and be drivable.

Back in 2012, Ferrari, Shell and Lego partnered together to build a full size Ferrari Formula One racecar replica. It does not have an engine, but with its exceptional detail, it looks like a real Formula One car, at least from a distance.

Image Credit: SuperAwesomeMicroProject

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