Future Lionhead Games Not To Resemble Fable
January 24, 2014

Future Lionhead Games Not To Resemble Fable

Well, I guess we can reopen old wounds again. Lionhead Games, the developers behind the critically acclaimed Fable series on the Xbox, has announced unofficially that not all of their games will be Fable. More specifically, studio head boss John Needham says that the studio is moving on to bigger and better things, according to IGN.

This doesn’t suggest that Fable is off the table completely because we still have Fable Anniversary and the Fable Trilogy bundle coming out next month. Lionhead studios rocked gamers everywhere over ten years ago when they released Fable, a quirky-yet-dark fantasy RPG set in the fictional land of Albion. In Albion, there are extraordinary human beings called Heroes — quick and agile warriors dedicated to the study of swordplay, magic, and the bow.

Fable is filled with all sorts of magnificent creatures and places to see, heads to remove from shoulders and lightning storms to cast upon families of Hobbes. In short, the Fable franchise is a vast and expansive series of games that have long been overdue for a reboot. Fable Anniversary will be taking us back to the days of old Albion, before the industrial age ruined the game for me, back when Heroes learned at The Academy and weren’t allowed to leave until they were ready to battle their first boss.

The game plans to have updated graphics and gameplay mechanics, neither of which any of us have seen in action yet. I’m really anticipating what they’ve done with The Arena outside Knothole Glade, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. After all, Lionhead Games did let the Fable franchise fall off into obscurity with chicken kicking and muskets. To be fair, I appreciate advancement and innovation when it necessary, but I considered Fable to be perfect before its sequels were created.

No amount of bickering can bring it back, so I’ll have to settle for whatever Lionhead decides to bring with Anniversary.

The second project, entitled Fable Legends, looks to put players in a time before Heroes and monsters roamed Albion’s vast green lands. The game takes place 400 years before the first game, at a time when Heroes hadn’t been fully realized yet. At this time in the lore’s history, the children of Albion make wishes to an artifact that grants then them. The goal of the game, Lionhead says, centers around this artifact.

It sounds like Lionhead has a rather bright future ahead of them if they can pull the reins of these new games the correct way, but only time will tell.

If you’re just as excited about the new Fable games as I am, leave me a comment in the section below!

Image Credit: Lionhead Games

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