December 24, 2012

Game Over: Stop Playing Video Games And Get A Life

I’m really sick and tired of obsessive gamers playing hours of video games a day. This is a problem in our society. Now don’t get me wrong, nothing is wrong with playing a couple hours here and there, but what I’m talking about is the WoW type of gamers, and the obsessed gamers that play hour after hour, nonstop; the people whose number one thing to do in life is to play video games.

If you are living to play games, then you’re not living.

Running home after school or work to play a video game is not living. Going on a date, meeting friends for coffee or a drink, taking a walk outside, going for your dreams, this is living. It’s funny when some of my acquaintances find out I don’t play video games and the questions they will ask me.

Why not? What’s wrong with you? Don’t you like to have fun?

Well last night when you were trying to top your high score or increase some sort of body count and talking to friends over an overpaid headset, I was getting laid, working on my business, gaining success, achieving my dreams, and having real life fun with real friends. So yes I enjoy living, I just don’t need to hit a power button to do it.

I know one argument to support excessive gaming is that video games can help hand eye coordination. You know what else helps hand eye coordination? Going outside and tossing a ball with your friends, you know real human to human interaction, imagine that.

Now I’m  not going to rant and rave that video games will make you violent, I don’t think they will unless you are very young playing a very violent game, this is not why I view them as bad. Aside from the aforementioned reason of not truly living, there are other bad things that come from too much gaming.

Video games can become addicting, consuming so much of the gamers time that they lose real world interaction, stop developing social skills, and often they hurt relationships. I have one friend who for years just saw her dad briefly as he came home from work to run into his office and play WoW, wow that’s pathetic. I have heard countless numbers of my clients complain about their spouse playes too much and too many video games.

Clearly, gaming is nothing but an escape tool for many. Rather than actually fixing themselves or learning to love life, they escape in a nonsense land for hours at a time; avoiding their real life and avoiding parts of themselves that they don’t like. So rather than actually take time to improve themselves, they escape. If you want to avoid real life do what the rest of normal society does, go to church, at least there you will find real people to interact with, fake Gods but real people.

In moderation, video gaming can be fun, exciting, a healthy break from the day-to-day routine that sometimes bogs us down. But in excess it can lead to someone being out of shape, out of touch with society, reality, and ultimately, a waste. So next time you want to complete that level, or game with your friends online, just remember; instead you could be out there accomplishing your dreams, your goals, falling in love, learning something new, and truly living. The choice is yours, but one day you will be on your death bed and the one thing you won’t say is, “I wish I played more video games.”

Game over.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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