Game Review: Lost Planet 2
March 25, 2013

Game Review: Lost Planet 2

Every night you find some peace and quiet, out of the constant hustle and bustle of school or work life, and escape into virtual reality through either your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. No doubt that it is all good times. But like all good things, the thrill leaves in a blink of an eye.  You and all of your friends have been through all of the adventures, shot all of the aliens and have earned all of the kills in every team deathmatch there is. To be quite frank, you and your buddies have turned every stone.

You’ve been there and done that, not to mention that video game releases have been really slow as of lately.

Ok, I’m in a generous mood today. I’m going to fill you in on a little gem that is a ton of fun, won’t set you back too much on the cash money side of life, and is abundantly available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and a PC near you. So whatever your persuasion is, you’re covered.

This little gem is called Lost Planet 2. The learning curve is a little steep, but the payoff in the fun and experience is one of a kind. This game is a 3rd person action shooter, but doesn’t borrow too much from the redundant games out there that clutter the market. The game is it’s own unique creative piece of work and for that much, I can give it my respect.

If you are one of those players that get really involved in the storylines of video games then… this isn’t for you. As far as the story goes, the story is uhh… forgettable, but you will definitely remember the experience. Basically, you play as different factions of different people who inhabit a planet that runs on a source of energy that everyone’s gotten their panties in a bunch over.

Surprisingly, all of these factions happen to be gun-slinging mercenaries who have no regard for human life.

The co-op campaign has to be one of the most immersive, enjoyable and satisfying experiences in this entire generation of gaming. The pleasure here doesn’t just come from battling through the entire campaign with your friends (or complete strangers) for the first time. You see, during the course of the campaign you and your pals level up, which leads to such perks as new guns, new character parts and, of course, more abilities.

With these new perks added to your super special mercenary guy (or gal), you and your buds will be spending countless hours hijacking trains, blowing up mech suits, flying helicopters fighting evil organizations, shooting gigantic bug-like creatures in the tundra and having full blown firefights in deep space.

Yep, all that can be yours. And since this game has been on the market for so long, you can grab it for a steal. But you are going to have to do your research; prices on Amazon range from about 10 to 20 bucks USD, but if you buy directly from Xbox Live, you can grab it for $19.99 USD.

However you go about getting your mittens on the game, you’re sure to have a blast.

Image Credit: Capcom

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