Gaming Spotlight: Tribal Towers
March 21, 2013

Gaming Spotlight: Tribal Towers

Ruffiangames has been tragically dormant for almost three years since their release of a much-needed sequel to my favorite Xbox 360 console exclusive game, Crackdown 2. While most consider Crackdown 2 to be somewhat lesser of an experience compared to its predecessor, I myself managed to squeeze at least 200 hours out of its main game before dipping my toes into its DLC.

With today’s modern games only lasting an average of ten hours for most gamers, I would consider that as much a proof of love for a game as any.

My frustration arched out of control in the aftermath of Crackdown 2‘s release, as I wondered whether or not a sequel was sure to follow. Sadly, Ruffiangames never got the ball rolling on the series due to a lack of sales. Just as I saw less word of Crackdown 3, so did I fail to see any use of staying on Xbox. Most of you that have been following my gaming exploits know that I built my gaming rig last year with an emphasis on film and video editing. I have been waiting anxiously for the next PC exclusive to sweep me off of my oversized feet.

Just recently, Ruffiangames pulled out the aforementioned broom to take me there.

I introduce you to Tribal Towers, a 2-Dimensional tower defense game that completely re-imagines the concept of tower defense as it has been stereotyped by Smartphone and Tablet game apps. Instead of setting defense towers to shoot missiles at enemies to prevent a premature invasion of your base, you’ll instead spend time building towers against the laws of physics while simultaneously fighting to destroy your competitor’s. But let’s back it up a bit.

I was invited to the beta testing for the criticism on the game, and while I can’t reveal absolutely everything, I can brush the basic concepts of its game play.

The game is set in the Aztec atmosphere (think Mayans), and different factions of tribesman have taken to worshipping gods that have placed towers on the ground. In order to appease their gods, these tribesmen have decided to replicate the architecture of these towers with their own wood and iron renditions. Somehow this act symbolizes their worship and love for their particular god. The irony in this is that we’re all trying to kill each other to prove how much we love our god.

Go figure, eh

On to the tower

The game takes advantage of gravity, as well as basic physics, to provide the bulk of the experience, which is building towers. You place strategic points from the base of the ground and on towards the sky to make an impenetrable fortress. The best way to imagine this is by looking at basic shape design in Adobe Illustrator, only those shapes are always being fired upon my catapults and melee troops. What’s awesome about this is that, depending on your creativity, the most complex shapes and designs can insure victory based entirely on if you have a flexible mind.

Of course, these towers will endure enemy fire every five minutes. With that in mind, you must exercise discipline when crafting shapes as they will more than likely crumble while you’re trying to build the tower. To compensate for the constant bombardment of enemy fire, you’ll need to act quickly to repair, reinforce, and re-imagine how strong your tower has to be.

I will cover the resources aspect of the game on the next post, and until then, I’d love to hear your opinion on Ruffian’s return with this intuitive strategy game!

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