January 2, 2013

Geocaching In The New Year

The New Year has started and like everyone else, I’ve made resolutions.  The first one is to apologize for being away from this blog for so long.  Life caught up with me and some things fell by the wayside, including this.

I have made resolutions in several areas of my life, as I’m sure you have.  Weight loss, friendships, personal growth have all figured highly in these lists, but my hobbies have as well.  I’m an avid knitter, a geocacher, and a writer, and I want to spend time improving myself in all of those areas as well.

I thought I would make a list of resolutions about geocaching and share them with you.

In 2013, I resolve:

  • To write in my blog at least once a week.
  • To find a new geocache at least once every two weeks (I’m in school and working full time, so that’s ambitious.)
  • To place one geocache of my own.
  • To teach someone about geocaching and get them as addicted as I am.
  • To do one geocache in every state I visit this year.
  • To visit at least one “geocache of the week”.”
  • To not let life get between me and my geocaching again.

This is a short post, I know.  But I need to get out there and geocache to have more to say.

Have you made any geocaching resolutions?

Image Credit: viviamo / Shutterstock

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