November 16, 2012

Geophysics Jobs

Looking into studying the Earth’s shape, reactions, magnetic and gravity fields, or what’s under the Earth’s surface? Well, then look no further because geophysics is just that field of study. If geophysics jobs are areas of interest, many careers are available in this job area. Geophysics jobs offer people many options.

Seismologist—Earth scientists who study seismic waves. These scientists look into not just where seismic waves will take place but also the effect of those waves as well as the cause of them.

Marine Geophysicist: These scientists focus on how geophysics affect marine geology. This means they look at how the earth affects the oceans.

Exploration Geophysicists: An applied branch of geophysics that looks for the presence of ore minerals, hydrocarbons, geothermal reservoirs, groundwater reservoirs, and other geological structures.

Petroleum Geophysicist:  A specific type of exploration geophysicist who finds oil and gas below the surface of Earth.

Mining Geophysicist: Much like a petroleum geophysicist, the mining geophysicist looks under Earth’s surface for different mineral resources.  These are other geophysics jobs that fit under exploration geophysics.

Environmental Geophysicist: Earth scientists who study the environment and impacts made by the environment and on it, and is another exploration physics job.

Atmospheric Physicist: These exploration scientists study the atmosphere of Earth and other planets.

Gravity Geophysicist: This is a type of exploration geophysics that focuses on gravity and its data. This information is really more for application to other geophysics jobs.

Magnetic Geophysicist: This exploration geophysics studies the earth’s magnetic field.

Electromagnetic Geophysicist: Another subset of exploration geophysics, this career field studies the electromagnetic fields.

Electrical Geophysicist: One who looks at the electric current and how that affects other scientific areas. Yep, these are more exploration geophysics jobs.

All of these geophysics jobs fall under the main category of geophysicist. They are just specific fields of study. Geophysicists study the earth and what impacts it. To become a geophysicist, one must have a strong interest in the field and schooling in geology. Obviously, one can focus in any one of the above areas or even combine them.

Geophysics jobs are incredibly important in today’s world because they lead to further understanding of Earth. Furthermore, many other jobs come as a result of the work that geophysicists do. For instance, petroleum geophysicists find oil and gas, but they do not extract the oil and gas. Obviously, an atmospheric physicist is important to the lives and careers of astronauts, and an environmental geophysicist may help politicians in forming policy.

Considering a career within geophysics jobs allows one to connect with other careers. Moreover, geophysics jobs help all to better understand Earth. This is one career field that should have more exploration.

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