January 5, 2013

Getting Ready For CES

Next week, redOrbit staff writer and all-around good guy Lee Rannals and I will be reporting from our satellite offices (read: hotel) in Las Vegas, Nevada as we cover this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

CES is that magical time of year where companies from all over the globe, the LGs, the Samsungs, the Sonys of the world, gather together under that expansive desert sky (read: exhibition center) to show off their latest wares to an eager and lusty press.

Lee and I will be playing the part of the Lusty Press, pointing our attention and our cameras at a host of devices-under-glass as we nasally report specifications such as gigabytes, megapixels, and resolution.

You can be sure we’ll also spend careful attention to the size of these devices, giving larger devices even larger-sounding headlines so as to capture your attention.

Mr. Rannals has been dutifully covering CES as a member of redOrbit’s finest for several years, sending back pictures and videos of super-slim televisions, flexible displays, and ear-bursting sound systems. As the conference only gets larger and larger with each passing year, we here at redOrbit have decided to increase our coverage and expand our CES team.

For the next week, you can expect to find written and visual reports from the CES showroom floor as Mr. Rannals and myself roll our sleeves to our elbows and dig through the cruft to bring you the best and most important products being shown off.

With an event so large, one may feel overwhelmed trying to stay current with every new 3D printer, camera, smartphone, tablet or television to be released.

We here at redOrbit promise to gather only the choicest ingredients from the electronic garden that is CES, slice and prepare them with a honed skill, then boil them together, serving up to you, the redOrbit reader, a delicious and nutrient-rich stew of information each and every day.

This is our promise.

What can you expect to be announced at this year’s CES?

Companies such as LG and Samsung have already been pre-announcing their CES announcements, a common practice as it turns out.

Samsung, for instance, has already “announced” a very interesting television which may or may not be transparent and be oriented in the Portrait position rather than common standard Landscape position.

LG has also pre-announced a few new televisions as well as a very special gesture- and voice-enabled remote. One such “television” is more projector than anything else and is capable of displaying a 100-inch image from a mere 22-inches away. Ever the givers, LG has also said they’ll ship an actual screen with this Hecto Laser TV, saving the potential buyer the worry of finding a medium with which to display their large images.

Finally, Canonical has pre-announced that they’ll be showing off smartphones running the open-sourced and Linux-based Ubuntu. Such a phone would be the ultimate solution for those users who feel both Android AND iPhone are too “closed” for their liking.

redOrbit will also be attending press conferences for 3D printers and gesture-based controls, so be sure to stay tuned to for all the latest from CES. For an up-to-date and candid approach to CES, be sure to follow me on Twitter @Oh_Okay.

Image Credit: adrijana / Shutterstock

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