Ghosts of Gettysburg
December 4, 2012

Ghosts Of Gettysburg

The battle of Gettysburg occurred from July 1st, to July 3rd, 1863. Thousands of men perished in the three days of bloodshed. Most of the dead, along with thousands of horses, were buried where they fell. According to Haunted America Tours, this battlefield site is number one, of the top ten most haunted battlefields. Some people who have visited this site, and have had paranormal experiences, claim they are not of evil intent, but of sadness.

In the surrounding area of the battlefield, there are locations where guided tours and paranormal investigations are conducted. One site, is where the only civilian killed during the battle, was twenty two year old “Jennie Wade.” She was baking bread and got caught in the crossfire. Her body was taken to the basement, and this is where most of the experiences occur. But, paranormal activity has been reported throughout the entire building.

Another site, just outside of town is called Sachs Bridge. This bridge was used by both sides during the war. It is said that three confederate soldiers were hung here, and many others were buried. Apparitions, orbs, and other typical sightings have been seen at this location.

Devil’s Den is where most of the intense fighting occurred on day two of the battle. Many sightings, and a strong feeling of a presence, has been reported by many tourists at this spot. Near Devil’s Den are other sites with numerous encounters. Triangular Field, the Valley of Death, the Wheatfield, the Peach Orchard, and the Slaughter Pen. These sites are all part of the battlefield, and have numerous paranormal activity.

“The Woman In White,” is said to be hanging around Spangler’s Spring. It is said that she committed suicide after a love affair went wrong. This legend is one not related to the battle, but, it is where the sightings of her have taken place.

People who have had paranormal experiences at Gettysburg have claimed to see soldiers of both sides. Usually in a mist, but some have stated that it was like looking at a companion. Also, voices calling out to run, fire, or hit the ground have been heard. Painful screams of the wounded, along with sounds of battle, are frequently reported.

Within the town there are many locations which can be classified as being haunted.

A collage, where “Blue Boy” hangs out. This legend is where one cold winter the girls of a dorm room let an homeless orphan boy inside. The den mother forced the girls to put him back out in the cold. They placed him on the window ledge of their third story dorm room. When the den mother left, they went to bring him back inside but he was gone. Since then, the little blue boy has been often sighted with his face pressed against the third story window of that room.

An orphanage where the cries of children are heard. A photography studio, which was once the home of “George Reynolds.” His body was placed in his home after he was killed. Area hotels, monuments, and other places all have had their fair share of activity.

If you are looking for a ghostly good time Gettysburg should be on your list of places to visit.

Join me next week for another haunted location worth visiting, if you dare.

Image Credit: Gerard LeBlond

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