November 17, 2012

Give Thanks For Freedom Of Speech

Understand that this is a country of big headed, strong willed, gun-carrying Patriots. With that being said, NOBODY’S opinion is taken lightly.

Your right to vote is considered both your right and your job as an American to carry out. But your words are often carried with great weight when speaking on your views of politics and last week’s episode of Gossip Girl.

How can we call it both a right and a job? It’s a contradiction on paper-and a beautiful revelation in practice in contemporary society. “I do not believe nor support your views, yet I will fight to the death to defend them.” Americans do not understand this quote the way it was intended for, to say that they can remember it at all. When our founding fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution, they foresaw that the people would always be divided amongst each other on domestic and foreign policy. They foresaw that Freedom and equality would never be the ideal “Peace” that they had come to put their children to sleep with. And they foresaw that today as well as tomorrow would be a consistent fight to maintain the status quo for America as a free nation.

This is why they planned ahead.

The constitution is written as a skeletal structure for the body of American society, yet the digestive and nervous systems are beaten-battered and bruised from centuries of sour tastes in our mouths. We must never forget that regardless of who is President-be him Democrat or Republican, Sith Lord or Jedi Master-the system has always worked in its original purpose in that we all had a voice on election day. Free radicals and activists argue that this is the end of American Democracy. Some citizens consider this our own personal hell.

Peace is for the lighthearted.

The seasons are changing and November has settled in very quickly. Lame decorations of orange leaves and Turkeys are beginning to bless the terribly cut lawns of neighborhoods, and Pilgrim cut outs are being pinned to everyone’s door as if the doorbell was out of order.

Thanksgiving is approaching, people.

What do you have to give thanks for? I myself am very grateful for Video Games and the Film Industry, Jimi Hendrix and HBO. I’m grateful for the friends, artists and professors that have shown me a new perspective to learn in a part of my life that is constantly changing and evolving.

I’m grateful for my country. Very rarely does one get to say that in the year 2012.

I’m also grateful for computer technology! My eyes are set very tightly on a few graphics cards that would make Battlefield 3 sparkle with graphical goodness.  Apple vs. PC aside, the variety in smartphones and PC gaming rigs are lighting my eyes brighter than Charlie Sheen’s Christmas tree. And speaking of Christmas trees, it won’t be long until the candy canes and pine scented snow exuberates in nearly every home in America!

America…has a nice ‘ring’, don’t it?

Enjoy what you have, folks. Sometimes the little things are the best that life has to offer!!!

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