January 17, 2013

GM Release Of The 2014 Chevrolet C7 Corvette

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GM has unveiled the 2014 C7 Corvette, and exterior design manager Kirk Bennion had this to say about the C7’s design, “Performance cars are all about form follows function. But I would say: beautiful form follows performance driven function. Every line, every vent, every millimeter performs!”

Chevrolet believes that the 2014 Corvette exterior is built for optimal aerodynamic performance, and looking at the images of early prototypes, the Corvette C7 will be a car with amazing aerodynamics.

Chief engineer, Tadge Juechter had this to say about the C7, “the all-new Corvette integrates more high-performance aerodynamic features then ever before, many taken directly from Corvette Racing. For example the front grill and radiator flow paths reduce lift, improving vehicle stability at high speeds by keeping the car pressed to the pavement. In addition, functional vents increase track capability by channeling air to the brakes, as well as heat exchangers for the transmission and differential.”

By using data collected from years of on-track performance testing with the Corvette Racing Program, the 2012 American Le Mans Series, and the 2012 GT class champion, the C7’s aerodynamic package was developed. Engineers, by using this information and a computer-aided modeling program, they were able predict airflow over and under the new Corvette’s body.

Kirk Bennion also stated, “its sculpted design excites in all the ways that a Corvette has for six decades, with elements carefully shaped in the wind tunnel to increase airflow potential and improve cooling for a system that is as efficient as possible. It’s said that form follows function, but in the case of the aerodynamic 2014 Corvette, form and function work cohesively to produce beautiful purpose.”

Chevrolet introduced the 2014 Corvette on Sunday, January 13, 2013. Information and video’s can be seen at It was introduced at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit MI. The Corvette Stingray C7 standard model includes an all-new 6.2L LT1 V-8, pushing out 450 HP and 450 foot-pounds of torque. The lightweight body and frame provides better handling, more speed, and a stiffer suspension, which makes it the most powerful and best handling base-model ever.

It has only been unveiled a few days and people are standing in line to request this new Vette to headline their shows.

On March 8th, the C7 along with a few original Stingrays, will be showcased at the 18th annual Amelia Island Concourse d’Elegance. The chairman of the show Bill Warner said, “we’re honored and humbled that Chevrolet has chosen ‘the Amelia’ to celebrate the return of the Stingray.”

The C7 was designed from scratch, but was inspired by the stingray concept. The front end has an all new design that houses the industry standard LED daytime lights, with a similar look as the SRT Viper. The rear end has received an aggressive style with the Corvette tradition of quadruple taillights, and quad tailpipes, but with a little inspiration from the Camaro, it has a trapezoidal design. The aerodynamic design includes plenty of vents creating low drag and helps keep the C7 firmly planted to the pavement.

The C7 has a wheelbase of 106.7 in., overall length is 177 in., overall width 73.9 in., overall height 48.6 in., and has a 50 / 50 weight distribution.

The cheap plastic interior has been replaced with soft-touch material and leather everywhere. Even the bland seats have been replaced with body hugging comfort. The Stingray’s interior has a new design putting the controls and navigation system angled towards the driver.

Now for the performance: Under the hood is a 6.2L V8 with a 4.06 bore and a 3.62 stroke. The block and cylinder head material is cast aluminum, with overhead valves, two per cylinder. It has direct injection with 11.5:1 compression ratio that delivers 450 HP and 450 foot pounds of torque. It also has an Active Fuel Management system which will cut off 4 cylinders when 8 cylinders are not needed, meeting strict carbon emissions and fuel efficiency regulations. GM estimates 26 or more MPG highway for this performance minded Vette.

When all 8 cylinders are in use, 0 – 60 is impressive, at just under four seconds and a top speed of 180 – 190 MPH. These numbers are thanks to the lighter chassie, carbon-fiber hood, and roof.

The gear box is a seven-speed manual transmission with Active Rev Matching which allows for perfect shifts every time. The 7th gear was added for better fuel economy, and an option six-speed automatic is available.

Electric power steering has been added for better cornering and creating less drag on the engine like the typical power steering units do. It also has a beefed up rack and pinon for a stiffer response in cornering. The suspension has five adjustable settings, the top setting is for the track where the suspension is stiffer and traction control is off, and the lower setting is for cruising in comfort. Stopping has also improved to an estimated 11 feet shorter with 12.6 in. front rotors and 13.3 in. rear rotors, with four piston calipers.

Price tag has not been released as of yet, but it’s expected to cost between $55,000 and $60,000.

The style, performance, and new additions to this stingray has got my attention as well as many others, as being one of the sports cars to watch in 2014.

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