Gold iPhone 5S Is Hot In Hong Kong
September 18, 2013

Gold iPhone 5S Is Hot In Hong Kong

Look here, China and Hong Kong: You’re proving us all wrong.

When Apple surprised us all last week by not surprising us, they made their gold super iPhone official and unveiled the supposedly cheap plastic iPhones. The gold iPhone, it’s been suggested, is meant to give the 5S more of a luxurious air to it. If true, it’s a little on the nose, but it makes sense to me. Call it a basal human instinct, but as soon as I saw the gold iPhone 5S I knew I had to have it. I’m not a gold kind of guy, but come on…it’s the first ever golden iPhone! I might have wanted one, but several pundits and well-to-do’s in the tech circuit questioned who would buy such a thing.

Then there’s the iPhone 5C, the cheap iPhone which many thought Apple JUST HAD to make to stay relevant and current with today’s emerging markets. These emerging market’s, it had been accepted, were penny pinchers and simply weren’t going to spend upwards of $649 for an unsubsidized iPhone.

After last Tuesday’s announcement, Apple left us with three colors of iPhone 5S, five colors of iPhone 5C, and a lot of questions about how these things would sell.

While American customers have to fight it out like some epic CGI’d battle scene when the 5S becomes available early Friday morning, China and Hong Kong have been able to preorder the thing and reserve their devices.

And wouldn’t you know it, the only version available as of early Tuesday morning is also the cheapest. In fact, it’s the boring old “Space Gray” model, the closet to what was once the black model, that’s available. According to 9to5Mac, Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter) is sparkling with reports of how popular the gold iPhone 5S will be. Apparently, quite a few people picked these up as quick as they could. Even the unlocked and contract free 64GB models are sold out, and those are the most expensive phones Apple knows how to sell.

It’s kind of worth repeating: As of early Tuesday morning, the only iPhone 5S available to preorder in China is also the cheapest one, the 16 GB Space Gray iPhone.

In a similar hue, the yellow 16 GB iPhone 5C was the first to sell out in Hong Kong, though many expected Apple to have much more of a supply of the 5C than the 5S. After all, the 5C really is an iPhone 5 dipped in plastic. They’ve been making those phones for, well, at least a year or more and hopefully have this process down by now.

It’s worth mentioning that China hasn’t always had the smoothest iPhone Launch Day activities. Scalping is a big deal in China, and during some of the earliest openings in the country scalpers bought up all stock, leaving legitimate customers left wanting. There was also that little incident where the crowd became so large for Launch Day celebrations the Apple store refused to open their doors in the name of public safety. The Chinese customers retaliated by pelting the store with eggs.

Apple has worked to improve their launch days in China and have even rolled out a lottery system to ensure legitimate customers get their slabs of iPhone goodness.

But, could it be possible everyone is right and only the scalpers are willing to pay top dollar for a premium product?

Or was everyone wrong about people all over the world being hesitant to drop some serious cash on something as trivial as a phone?

Image Credit: Apple

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